Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Review – Call of Duty’s Xbox Exclusivity Swan Song | COG

COG writes: The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare downloadable content season has come to a close as we say farewell to Xbox timed exclusive deal. While this batch of DLC doesn’t exactly send Xbox fans out with a bang, the COD faithful will still find plenty to love here.

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generalwinter1166d ago

Hmm, almost makes me want an Xbox - almost! Lol

MRBIGCAT1166d ago

It will be interesting to see how the sony exclusivity deal impacts sales. Xbox has always been COD's console of choice. Be interested to see if some of the COD vets make the switch when Black Ops 3 arrives.

MercilessDMercer1166d ago

This timed exclusive nonsense needs to stop!

GrapesOfRaf1166d ago

I wonder if they'll keep the same deal, 5 maps for $15. Probably.

Scottyxboxoneandps41166d ago

Make no mistake, if Ms want it back next year they will have it. I just think they have too many exclusives to be worried about a 30 day dlc exclusivity deal on a franchise that they probably feel is on the decline.
For the people who play cod, I don't think this would make them jump ship for 30 days really??

Unreal011166d ago

You'd be surprised. This kind of deal also has a knock on effect because all of the professional youtubers will play PS4 now in their videos since the DLC will be a month earlier. Millions of viewers not wanting to miss out might want to opt for a PS4 (if they didn't have a current gen console yet) because of this, and they fact that quite a big chunk of Call of Duty players are kids, kids are pretty impatient.

This is a big deal for Sony.

Scottyxboxoneandps41166d ago

Yeah I see your point. But I still think cod is on the decline. I also think Sony had to make this deal because of the strong exclusive line up for Xbox and uncharted 4 getting pushed back till next year. I was hoping Sony were gonna have a stronger first couple of years exclusive wise but personally I think Xbox has had the stronger exclusive line up. But both look very good for next year and hopefully Sony start to knock out their great exclusives at a more regular pace after that.

Sorry for straying a bit off topic.

ScorpiusX1166d ago

If I followed any you tuber and he played this game on Xbox one I would continue to watch , but if he decide to switch consoles then I would stop following . It's just that simple .

objdadon1166d ago

Sony made the move because it was a smart one as millions still play and always will play cod, especially treyarch's cods. They don't care the least bit about Microsoft 's exclusives lol. Their exclusives are the same franchises and most are coming out next year. Only thing they have is halo which has always been behind cod as every other shooter.

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