Is Rise of the Tomb Raider’s PS4 Delay Too Long?

411mania: Square-Enix has finally revealed that Tomb Raider is coming to PC in “early 2016″ and will be exclusive to Microsoft for a year before coming to PS4 in “Holiday” 2016. Square says they made a tough decision, but Microsoft’s passion would help them grow the IP and have it around for years to come.

How do you feel about hearing this news? If you are only a PS4 gamer and you love Tomb Raider, does “one year” make you want to buy a Xbox One? Do you buy what Square-Enix is saying about the decision? Why exclude the highest amount of gamers this generation for an entire year?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Too long in fact, and it's not for the better. This game is already taking a bjg risk by launching on the same day as Fallout 4, which is a much popular game. By the time TR comes to PS4, Uncharted 4 will be released and other games too, and in the holiday we will have Horizon ZD(hopefully) and maybe other better looking games. I'm afraid the game will sell lower than the previous one

Bigpappy1164d ago

M$ contributed a lot to the development of this game, so it is still good for those who will only play games on PS4, and want to play ROTR.

HaveSumNuts1164d ago

"M$ contributed a lot to the development of this game" Nah, I think they went to the devs with a truck load of cash dumped it on the floor and said "give us Tomb Raider b#tch"

Jayszen1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

The 'passion' and "contribution" amounts to little beyond a boatload of cash to withold the game from Playstation, the consoles the franchise was most popular on.

But it is what it is and Microsoft have a timed exclusive for a year which is good for Xbone gamers and fans.

Those of us with both consoles may very well choose to buy the game earlier on the Xbone but I suspect that most PS4 owners will wait for a year as the version released may well be a definitive one with all the dlc and other extras and even longer just so that the game is even cheaper. By Holiday 2016 there will be so many other games, ROTR will be overshadowed by the newer releases and Uncharted 4.

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Walker1164d ago

no thanks, i'll wait for the definitive edition with all the expansion packs !

Rookie_Monster1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )


I'll make a walkthrough video once I had finished the game and it's DLCs with 100% achievements/trophies and posted on YouTube on my channel in case you or any one needs help or hint with the game when it launches on PS4 late next year. I like helping my fellow N4g gamers as much as I can so this will be my special project for you all.

Ikki_Phoenix1164d ago

no need,
uncharted 4 and ofc the definitive edition will come sooner or later

25mil ps4 sold worldwide

fermcr1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

SF5 is longer... it will never arrive on the X1.

Honestly, timed exclusive is stupid. Microsoft should have gone with full exclusive like Sony did with SF5.

joab7771164d ago

Doesn't bother me at all. I love Tomb Raider, but there are so many games to play this fall, and in early 2016, that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have picked it up til next summer anyway.

The big question will be, will I buy it in 2016 when it releases b/c I am sure fall 2016 will be quite huge itself.

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iTechHeads1164d ago

No one cares about Tomb Raider year-late Port Edition when we have Uncharted 4 to look forward to.

-Foxtrot1164d ago

I feel like people are going to play Uncharted 4, then play Tomb Raider and will be more aware at how much Tomb Raider is trying to be like Uncharted

I'm only going to say this because it's NaughtyDog (they've proven themselves) but if you've played such an amazing game in the same genre only to play something after which dosen't really top your first experience you might end up thinking less of it.

However if Tomb Raider stuck to it's roots more and was a puzzle, exploration game with third person shooter elements as it's secondary focus then people might find it different enough to judge the game based on what it is...not what its trying to be.

Only thing I can think of them doing is along with all the DLC they need to add something extra which is going to feel like it was worth the wait.

Aloy-Boyfriend1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

So just because they took some ideas from the most awarded game in history (TLOU) they are trying to be Naughty Dog? Uncharted 4 is also taking ideas from TR, like climbing walls with an object like Lara did with the pickaxe. That's not to say ND is trying to be Cristal Dynamic. It's only natural that some dev will look at some other devs' cool ideas and imprement it on their games. There's nothing wrong with that. Give credit where its due

-Foxtrot1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

"So just because they took some ideas from the most awarded game in history (TLOU)"

Actually in my comment above I was just talking about Uncharted in general...the direction they took the first Tomb Raider game in the reboot.

My point was if you've played the game it's trying to be, a game series made by developers which don't disappoint (come on ND are in another league then CD) then when you go to play the game which is trying to be like the game you've just played (being blown away by it) then you are less likely to be impressed as you've just played something like it.

Where if it was the other way around and you played Tomb Raider before Uncharted 4 you would get a game (U4) which goes beyond what you've just played (RotTR).

" Lara did with the pickaxe "

Oh come on, one or two features compared to the first Tomb Raider (and even the second by looking at it) trying to be like Uncharted 90% of the time. The only main difference is Uncharted has chapters while TR is more open and has hubs.

It's fine to be inspired by something but to try and be like it completely.

CD should just do their own thing, they had a franchise with a great history and gameplay yet they turned it into something else...not evolve it's core roots like puzzles, explorations, weird creatures. It became an over the top, third person action shooter, with massive explosions, QTE and near death experiences where she nearly gets away with her life....I mean gee, that sounds like another game.

So yeah a few things here and there are fine but not trying to be the game in general. If people wanted Uncharted they'd play Uncharted which is my entire point here

By the time it comes out most people would have played Uncharted and expectations would be greatly raised.

UKmilitia1164d ago

can already see it pal.
in the gameplay shown of tomb raider other day its a blend of last of us and uncharted,but u can jump off trees.

dont game me wrong i bet its a good game and apart from auto crouch i loved last TR but its trying to much to be naughty dog

StrayaKNT1164d ago

Come on dude you can finish both games in a week you make it asif you're going to be playing uncharted for years lol and yes thousands of people care, there were petitions and death threats to get Tomb raider on ps4 so don't think that just because you don't care, other people won't either.

freshslicepizza1164d ago

yep, we can have 100 shooter games in a year, dozens of racing games per year and a bunch of rpg's but god forbid there be a tomb raider and uncharted in the same year on the ps4.

SaveFerris1164d ago

The delay may hurt sales on the PS4 in the long run, especially if it is released at full price and if there is a release of a major title around the same time. PS4 gamers may choose to wait until there is a price drop.

Rimeskeem1164d ago

I could care less not because I have an Xbox one but because I'll have Uncharted 4 and most likely Horizon will be nearing

Remy_S1164d ago

I just glad we're still getting it; loved the reboot.

MasterCornholio1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I'm just happy its only delayed.


I loved the reboot so I'll be getting this one for my PS4.

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