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Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Capcom pled their allegiance to PlayStation making Street Fighter V the game exclusive to the console. Has the new version got enough unique features to make Xbox fans jealous of the title not appearing on the Xbox One? We bring you all of the opinions in our hands on play of the game at Gamescom."

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Rookie_Monster1193d ago

Great preview. This game is looking more awesome everytime I sees it.

Btw, any news on when the beta will be back on again?

Septic1193d ago

Dunno but I wish I was in it :(

I was supposed to go Capcom HQ to play it but couldn't make it :'( I'll deffo go hands on at EGX Rezzed.

Gonna buy a fight stick for this and KI. Challenge proposed to all N4Gers!

Ristul1193d ago

@Rookie_Monster: Did you actually watch the clip, basically two Xbox fans talking it down. Yeah, I'm gonna take this "preview" with a grain of salt.

OB1Biker1193d ago

Lol I was wondering why t h they were mentioning xbox fans and xbox one in the descriptive. That's pathetic flame bait

Septic1193d ago

Well the jump from MK9 to 10 wasn't that drastic.

Also, the problem is with the button bashing. You can't expect to get results from doing that mate. Yeah the visual upgrade is a very conservative one but the way it plays is more important.

Glad you guys enjoyed Gamescom. Wish I was there :'(

Deathdeliverer1193d ago

You need to see it in person. The visuals in SFV are far and wide ahead of SFIV. Screenshots don't do it justice, and neither does most videos. That beta blew the damn doors off. I loved it.

NeverHeavyMan1193d ago

One of the stars in the PS4 line-up next year! I just want tighter controls than that of SFIV! Otherwise, let's go!

chrisx1193d ago

SF V is nothing but pure beauty

lolosgolos1193d ago

Looks really nice so far

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The story is too old to be commented.