Microsoft Needs To Launch Xbox One Slim To Keep Up With PlayStation 4's Dominance

Microsoft is losing to Sony in the video game console wars. The PlayStation 4 is performing very well worldwide while the Xbox One can only manage a few successes at home. Does this mean the software giant should introduce the Xbox One Slim very soon?

In our eyes, the damage to the Xbox One is something Microsoft will never fix. The console is definitely less powerful when compared to the PS4. Third-party games are performing better on the Sony console. Also, the 2013 launch of the Xbox One was a disaster that is still biting.

There's no winning here for Microsoft, and as such, we believe the company might have no choice but to bring the slim version of the console to market in the near future.

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TheGreatGamer2607d ago

If they can do it without making the fan louder then I'd welcome a slim version. As things stand, My Xbox One is practically silent and I like that

Abash2607d ago

I thought the Xbox One would be getting a Slim version at E3, that with the new interface would have made it seem like it was a complete relaunch of the Xbox One.

It would have been a big opportunity for MS

Genuine-User2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

They need to redesign the entire box. It looks hideous in my opinion.

LordMaim2607d ago

Not sure why a slim is required if the current version is priced less than the PS4 anyhow. Unless they'd save on cost and sell at an even lower price point.

Sweep142607d ago

IMHO there is a strong possibility that Sony releases a PS4 slim even before MS release a XB1 slim...

morganfell2607d ago

Is run by idiots?

Does anyone actually think form factor is the reason for sales disparity?

UltimateMaster2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Even if they come out with a slim version. What then?

Nothing stops Sony from launching their own version of a PS4 Slim and completely rip the Xbox One a new one.

Dropping price off the current Xbox One is the only way they make sales. If they are to provoke Sony into making a slim... and dropping their price on a console that's already has phenomenal sales... it's just going to sell a whole lot more.

VenomUK2607d ago

E3 and Gamescom have come and gone - there will be no Xbox Slim this year. Changing the chassis design means a change to the manufacturing process, the inventory and the factory line. These add cost which Microsoft and Sony will not be in a rush to pay for. The mega-successful Apple only changes the iPhone design (significantly) every two years, and that is with selling 70+ millions per year.

The three year mark will likely see the Slim release.

freshslicepizza2606d ago

i've been saying this a long time now. they should have come out with a slim model for $299. this would seriously undercut the price of the ps4 and give a whole new look to the xbox one. almost a fresh new staRT.

LCEvans2606d ago

I dont think its a case of having to catch sony up, just concentrate on making good games and keeping us happy :) microsoft has enough money as it is lmao!

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TheXgamerLive2607d ago

Their is NO need for a slim. The Xbox One has 3 operating systems inside and needs to keep cool and I'm guessing a slim model would be approx 10 to 12% smaller and not enough to warrant a slim model.
Unless they could shave off some 20% or more then I'd say no slim is needed.

iSuperSaiyanGod2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

The system looks like a 90s vcr & is pretty ugly lol . I'd pick up a slim if they dropped it or had at least a new design . Every system but the ssod white one has been ugly

Aenea2607d ago

Not sure what the multiple OSes have to do with the size of the device....

dcbronco2607d ago

Yeah I think they should wait till next year. That is the best time to change. I believe they also were ready to announce a slim but AMD moving to 14nm next year makes it kind of a waste. People won't be ready for another new version a year from now so why waste money on the change. Waiting a year will allow them to shrink it even more.

I don't think heat is much of an issue. I've heard it was designed with a lot of thermal overhead.

I understand Sony going either way. If they continue to sell at full price the new version will be a cash cow. At the current number they are selling it makes sense for them. It's not like they won't see additional savings with the die shrink next year in addition to savings on the new design and packaging.

Both make out well.

Kribwalker2606d ago

I personally like the look of the Xbox one. Fits in perfectly with my AV unit. The PS4 and its eraser shape will stand out like a sore thumb when I eventually get one

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Genuine-User2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

There's a reason why the Xbox One has an external power brick.

dcbronco2607d ago

What? Is your answer going to be some silly RRoD reference. Leave it in the past. Xbox 360 slim dealt with that almost a decade ago.

The reason for the external power supply from what a person I trust said is for added potential to increase CPU and GPU clock speed once DX12 is implemented. Microsoft engineers have said in the past they value increases in clock over more cores in some instances.

Genuine-User2606d ago

I was talking about the diversion of heat.

3-4-52607d ago

* Making it skinnier doesn't make it more appealing.

Making is slimmer doesn't give me/us more games.

What a bad article.

Aceman182607d ago

I personally would love a smaller form factor for the system I'm not very fond of its current size.

Ashby_JC2607d ago


When I turn on my old 360 its soooooo loud. Never realized how loud it was until I got the XBOX one.

For me....the size doesnt make a difference because where it sits is perfect. I dont even notice it.

Im sure a slim model would help boost sales but at the end of the day it takes time to recover from misteps...releasing a slim model is not going to all of a sudden make the system catch up the PS4.

I think with great games and great offereings....AND a slimmer model over time they will ontinue with great sales...but as a XB1 owner I dont see them ever catching up....and that is not a bad thing or means the X1 is crap whic it isnt. Im enjoying it immensley

Malacath2607d ago

A slim model means an inferior console.

you can guarantee that a slim model would not only be noisier but it would have less USB slots as well.

Build quality would be poorer as well. Just look at the ps3 slim. Gone from being a quality console to having a crappy sliding door disc tray that allows dust build up on the lens.

medman2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

You seem to be completely oblivious to the ps3 slim that doesn't have a "crappy sliding door disc tray".


Poor attempt by you.

Malacath2605d ago


That's the older version of the slim.

The current version of the slim has a shitty sliding door disc tray. I know because I have got one.

The only reason consoles get slim models is to reduce manufacturing costs. Every new slim gets poorer than the next.

lemoncake2607d ago

Yep Xbox one is so quiet it almost sounds like it is passive, this is priority to me.

bennissimo2607d ago

My X1 on the hardware/OS front demolishes my PS4. All MS has to do is keep the games coming.

Genuine-User2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Did you make your PS4 out of a cardboard box?


bennissimo2603d ago

Having the ability to render at a higher resolution with the occasional bump in draw distance and lighting effects doesn't make for an overall better console experience.

medman2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I currently own a ps4, 360, ps3, and pc...I'm really wanting Microsoft to release a slim xbone. I wish they would release it before Quantum Break releases, (and Below, Inside, and Cuphead) but I highly doubt that, we would know about it by now. I just can't see myself buying the xbone right now...I don't particularly care for the size, the power brick, or the overall design with Microsoft continuing to vent from the top, instead of just the back or the sides. I fully understand the red ring fiasco and Microsoft being very cautious making sure heat sink is not a problem with the xbone, but the thing is all vents. The thing is a dust trap with that vent on top, just like the 360 was.

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SpaceRanger2607d ago

Slim and no power brick...I'd be sold.

Never been a fan of its VCR size unfortunately.

LifeInNZ2607d ago

First VCR I had was a lot bigger than the X1. Furthermore, sitting next to a modern big screen TV the X1 looks positively miniscule!

It wouldnt matter if it was smaller there are those who will find the negative in anything they can. Fix one negative aspect and they just move onto the next.

Personally, I like the look of the X1 and I'm use to external power supplies. Had one way back in the day with my Amiga 500 and it never bothered me then and it doesnt bother me now.

iSuperSaiyanGod2607d ago

No .... The system looks like a vcr don't justify its wrong . If it had a better design or at least a little smaller it's would be so much more attractive

LifeInNZ2607d ago

Not trying to justify anything. I like what I like and personally, I like the look of the X1 a heck of a lot more than my PS4. The size for me is irrelevant as both consoles sit with lots of space next to my TV.

bleedsoe9mm2607d ago

not to mention the ps4 and xb1 outwards facing profile sitting in a entertainment center is almost the exactly the same size

BeefCurtains2607d ago

Sony fanboys needlessly bashing the X1 design still? My X1 looks fantastic in my entertainment stand, under my massive TV. It's also much smaller than any standard cable/DVR box, and more appealing. But no one is bitching about that. Just more ridiculous fanboy garbage bashing something that isn't an issue.

Seriously, you sound like HS cheerleaders crying about its "VCR" size. Better than looking like a door stop. what he heck do we need a slim model for anyways?

medman2606d ago

Just stop it son. So you like a basic rectangular, ordinary box shape more than the sculpted, statuesque shape of the ps4? That says more about you than it does anything else. Some people like basic.

LifeInNZ2606d ago The PS4 reminds me of the Cylon ships from the original series of Battlestar Galactica.

The PS4 to me only looks good from certain angles and the lack of leds and placement of the usb ports on the front make it look cheap. Neither console would win a beauty contest however, why the personal attack?

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bananaboats2607d ago

You must have no idea of what a VCR looks like. I'm guessing you heard all these other people say how it looks like one and you're just going along with it and calling it a vcr right. The XB1 is in no way "big". I love it's size. Matches perfectly with all my other entertainment devices under my TV. I see no reason for a slim, and even if they do come out with one people will still complain about how it looks and compare it to some ridiculous thing.

Kingthrash3602607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Look....everyone is entitled to their opinion. ..but in comparison to all other next gen consoles the xbox is pretty big. Also givin the fact that it's not the most powerful console...and the fact that it has an external power supply's just a huge console. I do understand that they wanted to keep it as cool as possible in order to avoid another rrod saga...but let not sit here and say it's not that big. Because it is in fact that big. And it's design isn't the most attractive... a slim version wouldn't help it compete with the ps4. It's not the size of the xbox that has it losing this "war" just doesn't have that must buy feel to it. They made too many mistakes with the xbox one...and while they are making strides and making the xbox one a better console it's already too late. Early buyers are the most important buyers in the age of online multiplayer. The more people bought a ps4 the more their friends bout one to play with them....and like it or not losing cod really hurt them because xbox 360 lived off of cod. I'm not saying losing cod got them where they are because they just now lost cod... I'm saying at this point they will never catch or compete with the ps4. It's been 50 bucks cheaper for almost a year now and the gap still grows...i can imagine the gap growing further when sony finally drops it's price. So let's just end this kind of war talk. And focus on more important things like games... xbox needs more new AAA ips exclusives like scalebound and quantum break..both of which come next year. It won't make a dent in catching sony with uc4...horizon...tlg..slated to come next year but I hope ms keeps the new AAA games comeing instead of relying on old games to keep the money coming.

WowSoChill2607d ago

Everyone says it looks like a VCR, but man if i saw a Xbox One back in the 80's i would of thought it was Alien Technology

nitus102607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

VCR's have been around since the early 1960's and it was not until the release of Betamax in 1975 followed by VHS in 1977 that the domestic use of video recorders started to become popular.

From the 1980's you could get fairly small (relatively speaking) VCR's although many were quite large.

The dimensions of the XB1 (sans Kinect and power brick) is (LxWxH): 13.1" x 10.8" x 3.1" / 33.3cm x 27.4cm x 7.9cm while some front loading VCR's in the early 2000's were actually smaller and all had an internal power supply even as far back as the first release machines.

Sweep142607d ago

"Slim and no power brick"

Good luck for XB1 getting slimmer while integrating the PSU in the box...

bennissimo2607d ago

I love the design of the X1 better than the PS4. Much less fussy.

Spotie2606d ago

Fussy? Yeah, okay.

Anyway, a slim XB1 alone will do almost nothing to help it catch up at this point. Unless you use some arbitrary time frame where sales increase for a week in one country or something.

medman2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

A console that is basic in it's rectangular shape is "better" than the slim, sexy, statuesque ps4 design? Put the crack pipe down son, you sound bitter, jealous, and insecure in your purchasing decision. I would be the first to admit the ps3 and ps4 are better looking aesthetically than the xbox 360 and xbone (being the owner of a ps4, 360, and ps3, and no doubt one day a slim xbone). Sony engineers showed some creativity in that regard, whereas Microsoft engineers just mail it in with the same boxy design and external power brick every. Single. Time. Next!!!

bennissimo2603d ago

I own both consoles. Looking at them both now. X1 is less fussy.

UnHoly_One2606d ago

I never in my life have heard any one of my friends mention the size of a console or what it looks like.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people on the internet prioritize the looks of a box that is going to sit in an entertainment center and, for all intents and purposes, be invisible to most people because they are focused on the TV screen itself.

I'm not criticizing anyone for having that opinion, just expressing my surprise that it exists at all.

I love my Xbox One because of how it WORKS, not how it LOOKS, and haven't really thought about it's appearance or size since November of 2013 when I put it in my entertainment center. Hell, I buy all my games digital so it's unusual for me to ever even touch the thing. lol :D

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-Foxtrot2607d ago

But then wouldn't Sony just release a slim of their own....putting them both back into the same place they were in.

Ezz20132607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Changing the size won't do any thing

This won't help them at all
look at how many price cut they had to make and they still can't keep up
And Ps4 still going in a beast mode with no need for price cut.

nitus102607d ago

Why would Sony release a slim version of the PS4 since the console is fairly small to begin with?

Sony will over time release a more energy efficient console which in turn will be cheaper. A so called slim could be produced but please no top loading like they did with the PS3. Personally I have always liked the front loading it IMHO looks so much more professional.

N0TaB0T2607d ago

Expecting a slim model this early on is just wishful thinking, I'm sorry.

StrayaKNT2607d ago

Microsoft doesnt need to do anything lol they have best 2016 line up I have ever seen with the first greatest next gen games and backward compatibility. Great times ahead for xbox owners.

UKmilitia2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

u serious,jeez.
take the fanboy plug out your arse and be honest with yourself.

they might have the best line up for a blinkered person like you but for me i think they both have a solid line up and both offering great games in 2016.

hopefully MS manages to land the exclusives its got planned and same to Sony.

back on topic i think MS could do a slim and it would really boost sales and if they could lose power brick that be awesome imo,regarding ps4 i dont think it needs a redesgin i think it looks awesome and if anything extra usb on side or back.

2607d ago
Ezz20132607d ago

Dude, Just don't bother with them.

remixx1162607d ago

You guys have no problem embracing yourselves huh?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2607d ago

Yes the best lineup as far a Xbox goes. Not of all time.

Ricegum2607d ago

You know Microsoft must be in at least a little bit of trouble when one of their top exclusives (Forza) fails to sell even 1 million copies.

Rookie_Monster2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )
Forza 5 fastest-selling racing game in Xbox history
Eurogamer: "Forza 5 is the fastest-selling racing game in Xbox history, Microsoft has announced. More than one third of Xbox One owners have bought the Turn 10-developed racing game, which launched alongside the console on 22nd November."

:p. I like how you just made up claims. LOL

UKmilitia2606d ago

it must of sold more surely because in UK it was given away free with nearly every xb1 since the game launched for a long long time as digital code and i think it still i with many deals.

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Vasto2607d ago

I don't care at all about who is 1st or 2nd in sales. Xbox One is looking amazing right now and I cant wait for the games it has coming. Microsoft does not need to do anything but keep the games coming like they are doing now.

Ricegum2607d ago

It's all well and good keeping the games coming, for people like you yes. But do you think that Microsoft might be a little concerned about the lack of sales and revenue compared to Sony's PS4? When in some cases multi platform games are selling nearly four times as much on the rival console that has to have some sort of effect.

Vasto2607d ago

Dont know and dont care. All I care about are games and Xbox One is doing better then anybody right now with games. When I start getting a check in the mail from Sony or Microsoft based on sales then I will start to care.

bennissimo2607d ago

No, because they're on track to do far better than last gen. AT this point, the best way to attract new customers is to provide games that attract different demographics.

Outthink_The_Room2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Lack of sales and revenue? Really? I have yet to understand this argument. Why does everyone keep saying this?

-XB1 had already outsold the WiiU less than a year into it's lifecycle.
-It also is outpacing the 360 and PS3...which each sold 85M.

It's amazing how the XB1 is lacking sales when it's outpacing almost every other console, but the PS4.

The XB1 is on target to sell almost 20M by the end of the year. And that's with a disastrous launch AND launch price.

Also, XBL revenue is significantly more profitable this generation since Azure isn't funded by the Xbox Division. It's funded by the whole of MS. So actually, the Xbox revenue would be up since hundreds of millions of dollars aren't being spent on the network.

So please, explain to me these "lack of sales and revenue".

hiawa232607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I agree, I own all the consoles, and who is 1st 2nd 3rd means nothing to me. The X1 gets the most play, I prefer the controller, Live, OS, multimedia, upload, achievements, minor difference in graphics, imo vs the PS4, updates are awesome, Windows 10 integration, MS got the ship turned around. I play all multiplats on the One, looking forward to more exclusives in 2k15 vs the PS4, so as my tastes go, the most games for me are on the One. MS knows what they are doing. Just keep doing that. Very happy with the future of the console. The X1 will probably never outsell the PS4, reality, but that doesn't mean MS ca't provide a better gaming experience.