Classic Final Fantasy 7 rumors that could become reality in the remake

GR: Final Fantasy 7 has enjoyed one of the most... imaginative rumor mills in gaming. Most are just tall tales of multicolored Chocobos and secret limit breaks; but every so often - amazingly - one turns out to be true. Who would have guessed you could actually find Aeris' ghost or that the Japanese-only hidden monster Test-0 was for real? Such revelations gave credence to all other rumors, because if one hoax was true, any of them could be true, right?

A next-generation remake was one of Final Fantasy 7's longest-running rumors. Now it's becoming reality, but why stop there? Square Enix has announced "dramatic change" for the remake. This is the perfect opportunity to give a nod and a wink to the fan community that made FF7 such as beloved success. Here are seven of FF7's most infamous rumors, reworked so that they fit seamlessly into the game.

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BG115791168d ago

Rumor Number 1 - You can save Aerith!!!

Becuzisaid1168d ago

No way they would fundamentally alter the story in this way

Hoffmann1168d ago

An opinion like "classic story" and remake story could be nice. As long as the classic story stays canon though.

BG115791167d ago

I didn't say that because I want for them to change the original game.
I just said that because at the time of the original FF7 for PS, it was the number one rumor at made fools of a lot of us. I still remember talking with friends about what each other had tried and if it had worked...

Even if they don't change it, there will be a lot of gamers trying to save her. ^^

MeteorPanda1168d ago

l reckon they SHOULD give you the choice of saving Aeris.. the catch? You get the bad ending where shit doesn't end cruel would that be? Making players actually let her go by choice for the greater good.

I should tell SE.

DevilOgreFish1168d ago

I would type a "spoiler alert" first before jumping to anything specific.

well anyways, if anyone could remember a guy with a brown hat before you go to the wall market, he is the first person you see before entering Aerith's town. he asks you to get something for him but never describes what it is.

Him up close

Him in motion

In the video Aerith hides from him. for over 15 years there was a rumor that connected these two characters together. The rumor was called "Key item revive." according to the rumor if you take the key item to the church you would be able to, well you know.

it never worked for me but this rumor haunted me because of how well it fit into story context.

Summons751168d ago

Recruiting Seph or saving Aerith would make the story more convoluted then it already is... They are going to have enough to stress from rampant FF7 fanboys then to add anything they will change their precious story. I hope they do what they need to to fix the issues the original had and I hope it comes out well. Can't wait to hear "Wahhhh, Cloud isn't emo" complaint even though he was intended to be in the original and it didn't come across well due to the technology at the time.

jambola1166d ago

I think the people who worked on the game that are working on the remake will know what the character was intended to be like.

Summons751166d ago

Exactly, I remember watching an interview about Advent Children and they said that was how Cloud was suppose to act but fanboys still cried and said that they were wrong.

DevilOgreFish1168d ago

Square already said they will not change the original story. i wonder though how everything will re-translate from what was in the original Japanese release. maybe dialog cliffhangers will be corrected.

BarrettWallace21168d ago

Nomura should not change the battle system for this game, there is no need to do that as it would not be the same game. I am one of the millions of older people who has been dying for this remake for nearly two decades.
I have played the downloadable version on the PS3 and that is nice but it isn't the same as having localization, upgraded graphics, more games in gold saucer. Leave the Materia system, Turnbased battle, Don Corneo, The World Map and the Highwind. They can cut down on the random battles and add some new side quests. They can add more Weapons if they want, but there is no need to remove anything.

Snookies121168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

They did say there would be rather drastic changes to combat. However, that doesn't necessarily mean turn based is gone. We won't know until we actually see the battle system in action. If I had to take a guess, I don't think that they would make it a straight up action RPG like FFXV. I believe they're making changes to the way turn based is presented. I'm thinking positional combat may be nice. Something like Chrono Trigger, where your positioning matters. That way, you could have a lot of movement to make it seem more action packed, but could also retain its turn based nature. That's what I'd hope for in any case.