Fans Report Being Banned From All Rockstar's Games For Being Affiliated With GTA V MP Mod, FiveM

It appears that Rockstar Games is bringing its hammer down to everyone affiliated with a certain mod for GTA V, FiveM. FiveM is a multiplayer mod for GTA V which aims to offer an advanced multiplayer environment for people to play on dedicated servers with user-made game modes.

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crazychris41241193d ago

Rockstar has really botched the PC version. All they had to do was make 2 separate game launchers. One for public multiplayer which would be strict against modding and the other would be mod friendly single player and private multiplayer. So people can play vanilla multiplayer without the annoying modders using God mode and then you can have people use whatever mods they want in single player or with their friends. Everyone would be happy.

3-4-51193d ago

Rockstar.....What the heck happened to you?

GTA 5 isn't that's very overrated and hyped up beyond it's actual abilities.

* Everything promised wasn't delivered.

Awful unlikeable characters.

Boring, basic story.

Trevor the whiner....doesn't ever shut up near end game

Car physics LESS realistic than GTA 4 = 2002 like

Can only sell 1 car ever 45 min = Lame....GTA 1 for PC let you sell infinite....back in the 90's.

Rockstar is much better at making Read Dead games than they are at GTA games.

I was beyond hyped for GTA 5, and then played and beat the game and realized I don't care about the GTA series that much any more.

I'd much rather a new Read Dead game.

Screw GTA 5's a joke anyways.

Most overrated and over hyped game this/last generation by far, and it's not even close.

To put all that money into a game that doesn't deliver time and time again is basically a waste of money.

Think of all the good games we could have got for the $250+ million they put into GTA5.

I'm sure some execs got filthy rich though.

WellyUK1193d ago

Rockstar is probably the most overrated dev going at the moment IMO they don't really do anything new and interesting as much as this will get disagree's all they do is, release the same game but rather than do it yearly they do it every 4 or 5 years.

They lack creativity I feel.

wannabe gamer1193d ago

LMAO WellyUK have you even played GTA V cause it sure doesnt sound like it if you think its the same game as previous

WellyUK1193d ago

@wannabe gamer. Please feel free to explain to me how it's different to any previous GTA game except from it's visuals.

Rockstar games all have the same terrible game-play mechanics that just down right suck, they are clunky and bad.

The Online absolutely crap because of the bad game-play to the point where the only game modes people play are the racing ones and free roam.

NarooN1193d ago

Honestly GTA IV shits all over GTA V. The only way GTA V was noticeably superior to GTA IV was in graphics, and that's a technical thing. I had a better time with Saints Row 3 & 4 than I did with V.

V is very overrated. I think most people who gave it 10's were just swallowed up by the hype of a new GTA game. The game has a lame story, filled with brilliant dialogue yet none of the characters are likable or redeemable. The three protagonists are hypocrites, lack real character development and lose focus because you're constantly swapping between them all. Once you beat the game, there's not really much to do outside some boring-ass "activities" like golf and tennis.

Then there's the broken-as-hell-even-over-a-yea r-later multiplayer component, which still has tons of bugs that never got fixed and some of the worst servers and matchmaking I've ever experienced in my many years of online gaming.

Revolver_X_1193d ago


Come again? Everything you said pretty much sums up GTAIV, which you said is better. Trevor has more character development through 5 missions, then Niko had the whole damn game, lol. If I recall, GTAIV was voted to be one of the most overhyped games of all time, yet your throwing mud on GTAV, all the while saying IV was better.

NarooN1193d ago

GTA IV *WAS* overhyped when it came out. The game is far from flawless. But it's still better than GTA V as a whole.

And please, you and everyone else who disagreed are on crack if you think Trevor had ANY character development. All he did was cry about shit the whole game while being a generic strung-out meth addict sociopath who was pretty much an expy for the types of people who play GTA games. The fact that he's strung out on meth, yet has no adverse health effects and ends up killing Johnny from TLAD who randomly, for no reason, ends up becoming a meth addict, and is portrayed as being weak and sickly says it all. Johnny would've destroyed Trevor any other day of the week had the writers not decided to develop a crack habit. Trevor remains the same bumbling over-the-top moron from start to finish, he has zero development.

Then you have Mike who is literally a huge hypocrite. He's guilty of almost all the things he complains about and critiques from start to finish. His entire family are completely irredeemable scumbags.

Franklin was the closest to being somewhat likable, but he's whiner than CJ was and all he does is leave the hood behind to go do random fantastical nonsense (just like CJ did), only to "return" at the end once he's rich and then claim that he'll have Lamar's back. Just what?? Come on.

GTA IV had its faults, but at least it was coherent and consistent.

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WilliamUsher1193d ago

Wow this is really low if true. Rockstar seems to hate the modding community these days.

wannabe gamer1193d ago

almost as much as people that paid to play the game in a hack free environment hate having each and every single session ruined by mods. there is no way to ban one mod and not the other online that doesnt involve them dedicating tons of time and money to it. and time = money since everyone has to be paid so you cant say that it wouldnt cost them anything.

BranWheatKillah1193d ago

Way to miss the "dedicated servers" portion of the article.

wannabe gamer1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

i didnt miss it , heck i even addressed it in my other comment, way to miss what i said deeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrp

InTheZoneAC1193d ago

be that guy to completely disregard the fact that the modders/hackers are ruining the game for the normal players

Don't even try to justify their actions, they got what they deserved.


Rivitur1193d ago

Nah they're just sensitive.


TeamLeaptrade1193d ago

Well that's no good. The mod doesn't sound like something ban worthy either. I wonder if this will continue to be a trend with Rockstar, because I would hate to see this continue.

wannabe gamer1193d ago

GOOD im glad they are finally doing something about GTA V mods online at all. AND NO i dont care that this mod was or was not for hacks or anything related to them. the only way they can make gta v online safe is to blanket policy against all online mods. there is no way to realistically do it otherwise.

Mariusmssj1193d ago

But I do hope you understand that this mod is for people to play on NON-ROCKSTAR servers right?

wannabe gamer1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

yes which is why i said ..." AND NO i dont care that this mod was or was not for hacks or anything related to them."

if people cant play the game they paid for online the way its meant to be played cause of modding then mods have to go(yes i get that THIS mod has nothing to do with that), its unfortunate but its just the reality of things. sure there are people that arent using mods to ruin others experience but its still happening and its happening in EVERY SINGLE SESSION. so mods are not worth it.

also if a mod is for non rockstar serves then its still their fault they got banned. cause if they had been more carefull and kept their game and rockstar account from connecting to rockstar servers while having this mod installed then they wouldnt be detected and banned no matter if they are doing wrong or not. thats just being careless to have a mod for non rockstar stuff but still let your game or rockstar account connect and expose yourself. thats like the most basic rule of modding and using any type of thing that can even potentially get you banned. even if you have to have 2 installs of the game to do so thats the smart thing to do.

Revolver_X_1193d ago


Clearly you don't play games on PC, and thank Jim Sterling, for that!

NarooN1193d ago

Quit your crying. GTAO has been infested with script-kiddie modders since day one on PS3/360 and R* still can't do shit to fix it to this day. They're just showing how truly incompetent they are with the numerous things they've botched since release by doing this shit. This mod had nothing to do with hackers and it doesn't even use R*'s garbage servers, yet they're punishing people who aren't doing anything wrong because they suck too much at taking care of the real problem.

But go ahead, keep defending R*'s trash-tier policies and acts anyway.

Ace Killa 081193d ago

You suck wannabe gamer. It is okay for a company to ban a user who is affiliated with a modding group from all the services. Mind you the guy affected by this also can't play any other rockstar game that has the online service of theirs.

You are a complete fool to praise what this company just did. But what ever I have to say does not matter, you clearly have your mind set. "AND NO i dont care" This type of mentality is what devs want their customers to have. This is how they can shit on everyone and get away with it.

You have a very stupid argument about modding and how these guys got caught. Something that deserves to be called out.

One way or another mods will come, the solution rockstar is doing clearly the worse approach. They first need to focus on the online mods and hacks, but they rather focus on the more vulnerable ones. If they have such as strong view of mods to protect the community, then they need to focus more online.

hiredhelp1193d ago

R* have handled this all wrong.. Mods can increase sales if used for the better.
However hackers using to ruin online play should be your targets why you cant implament a basic anti cheat system beyond me.
Banning social club wow not carefull law suit gonna bite you shame cos i highly like R* very creative great iconic games but they need support modders ban the hackers that just want blow everyone up boot everyone from servers.

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