Rendering Techniques of Quantum Break, Horizon & Dreams To Be Showcased At SIGGRAPH 2015

Gamescom 2015 might be ending, but other conventions are due to start soon. SIGGRAPH 2015 will open tomorrow in Los Angeles, for example, and although it’s an event mainly geared towards developers there are some interesting things for gamers, too.

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Genuine-User1170d ago

Not confirmed but Quantum Break might be 1080p. If so, I'll be doubly impressed.

NotAFanboyyy1170d ago

Oh, right. I forgot a game has to be 1080p to look great. The Order and Ryse come to mind. Oh wait, those weren't 1080p.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1170d ago

These three games definitely have extremely impressive graphics. I would definitely like to learn more about the technical side of these games.

MrSec841170d ago

NX Gamer on YouTube said something about Dreams being 60FPS (See his recent top 10 video), those visuals are very unique with the lack of Rasterization in use in favor of pure Compute Rendering by the Stream Processors.
I see the article mentioned that Dreams doesn't use Polygons, will be interesting to hear about their approach, PS4 certainly has fast enough memory for a Volumetric approach and the mods made to it's GPU would allow MM to make great use of the available GPU time.

The visuals in Horizon: Zero Dawn would be impressive if that was a more linear title, especially with the level of physics in use, the volumetric clouds and stunning lighting are phenomenal, the fact it's also open world just blows me away.

Quantum Break is impressive given the memory limitations of eSRAM and DDR3's slow speed, not so much for the GPU tech, it'll be interesting to hear how Remedy have gotten around those limits.