Hitman is about tools and planning rather than abilities


"Baldy dispenser of death Agent 47 has never been short of ways to dispatch his unfortunate targets (just check out that leaked Alpha footage to see how creative he can get), but the upcoming current-gen reboot of the Hitman franchise is aiming to hark back to the precise planning of old. Sure, the iconic hired gun has new parkour abilities to navigate the dynamic sandboxes of his new episodic adventure, but it's his new tools and gadgets that will make or break an assassination."

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thereapersson1262d ago

You mean you have to use your brain and not some gimmicky perk? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

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Anghellic1261d ago

Blood money is one of my favorite ps2 games hopefully this is more like that than absolution

_-EDMIX-_1261d ago

They did say its more mission based then story based and that you get to do the hits vs watch them ala Absolution.

The interviews I've read and watched have confirmed its about the kills vs the story which I personally love.

I'd rather just make up the story in my head lol. When I was younger, that is how i treated the Hitman games, each mission and the mistakes I did was sorta like some crazy story to me...

lolz, kidz...

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annoyedgamer1261d ago

Definitely looking forward to this.