How to Get Back Into Video Games

VICE: If you're a person who's lived in the First World all their life, is aged 50 or under, give or take a few years, and was once a child, there's a very strong chance that you have, at some point during your existence on this rapidly spinning rock of ours, played a video game. You may have even enjoyed one, or two, or several. Perhaps you owned, or had access to, an Atari, Nintendo or SEGA system, or a Spectrum, Amiga, BBC or Acorn computer. If you're younger than me, and you probably are, then sub those manufacturers for PlayStation and/or Xbox. And maybe you fell out of the habit when adulthood arrived. It's okay, it's natural, and I did the same – I barely touched a game through my early 20s, before I got back into the habit when the Xbox 360 came out.

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