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Lliam Ahearn at GameCloud Australia writes:

"Up until the final quarter or so of Arkham Knight, I was having the best time I’ve had with a game for a long time. An excellent, complex and personal story, a beautiful setting, proven combat and stealth, satisfying tank battles and superb Batmobile based puzzle solving – it’s an exceptional game. Unfortunately, things start to feel a little rushed towards the tail-end, lacking the standards the game itself establishes. Had the story maintained its highs, the side content ended before becoming boring and a certain villain been implemented in a way that didn’t suck, or not at all, Batman Arkham Knight would have been a brilliant experience. As it stands, it’s a great game with notable flaws that feels a little rushed in places."

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ScorpiusX1169d ago

Two things I found annoying 1 batmobile handling in battlemode 2 what was up with a the unnecessary obstacles in them tunnels against the Arkham knight.

gamer78041169d ago

i agree, they peppered these in so frequently that i felt i spent more time driving and puzzle solving than anything else. The ending was well done, but the middle of the game felt like a chore. I liked the idea of having all of gotham city to explore, but somehow i preferred the first 2 games to this one.

SlightlyRetarted1168d ago

Batmobile boss fights were horrible. I would go as far, as saying they were the thing that made me truly think this game is just mediocre, and that pains me as a big Asylum and City fan. I was just shocked that there were no "classic" boss battles. Two-Face/Penguin/Manbat etc. sidequests were so lazy, when they could have made great one on one boss battles at the end.
I was expecting a lot from Scarecrow too. Rocksteady could do so much more with fear toxin than they ended up doing. Remember the morgue scene from Asylum? Just awesome.

Grap1168d ago

i would give it 6/10