Which Bad Game's Hype Did You Fall For?


"Okay. It's time to make a confession. When it comes to hype, which bad game made a sucker out of you? Did you fall for what was written on the back of a box? Were there ads that hooked you into believing what you were buying was going to be great?"

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StrayaKNT1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Destiny, Ryse, driveclub and the order

objdadon1165d ago

Crazy how people have different tastes, I liked every game you mentioned.

StrayaKNT1165d ago

When you only have those games to play you're obviously going to enjoy them. I have both consoles and tons more games in all of those genres that were miles and miles better

Tiqila1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I really like Driveclub

Unreal011165d ago

Straya is just mentioning those games because they received lower review scores. Nothing to do with his opinion since he probably hasn't played them.

Rimeskeem1165d ago

I played Halo 1 for the first time and it was so boring. Walk around shoot enemies and go backwards and do the same thing.

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Septic1165d ago

Pretty spot on list. I played DC a while back and saw it evolve to what it became so that didn't surprise me but biggest disappointments in order:

1. The Order- best looking game this gen and naturally you always want the gameplay to match it. But alas, a poor game that is more reminiscent of a launch game

2. Destiny - It's not a bad game, its just the way the content has been chopped and the tacked on mmo elements. What Bungie first touted seemed so ambitious and those ambitions fell flat on their face. The core shooting model is solid mind you

3. Ryse was cack. When you are excited to play a game on a next gen machine and instantly get bored it really is a bad sign. You want to like the game but this was so dull for me. Another case of visuals over gameplay

Naga1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I actually really enjoyed Ryse. It's good dumb fun with great graphics and a surprisingly excellent cinematic story. So long as you don't expect groundbreaking gameplay, and accept its inherent challenge to string together the biggest combo, it can be pretty enjoyable.

ninsigma1165d ago

I have all 3 consoles and a power house pc and I still enjoyed all those games except drive club because I haven't played it. Owning one console has anything to do with enjoying a game.

SolidGear31165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Those games all kick ass. Especially The Order.. It's the best release so far this year aside from Life is Strange.

Edit: Bloodborne definitely looks phenomenal but I couldn't even finish Killzone: Shadow Fall on easiest difficulty so Bloodborne maybe a no go for me despite how brilliant it looks :(

StrayaKNT1165d ago

Nope, on ps4 Bloodborne is better dude calling the order the best ps4 game is humiliating to the ps4 library lol bloodborne absolutely wipes the floor with the order

uth111165d ago

I put off buying Bloodborne for the same reason. I thought I'd never get anywhere in it because it would be too hard.

Turns out it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, and I finished it. It's not that hard, just old-school in that it doesn't hold your hand. Some of the bosses are bastards though...

iSuperSaiyanGod1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Bubble down for a personal attack @straya . But for me watchdogs . Loved it's huge city & potential just felt way to empty

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1165d ago

Angry Birds....can't understand the love for this game
Cod. Anything past modern warfare2. Zombies was the only good thing after.
Move/Kinect. Perhaps if they would have supported them.
Operation Flashpoint
Killzone/crysis. Pretty but hate the gameplay.

Several games have really disappointed me based on my expectations.

3-4-51165d ago

GTA 5 = I feel so foolish for getting so hyped for a game. I've never been that let down, or disappointed in a gaming product in my life.

A lot of the stuff I liked in past GTA games was removed in GTA5, and it was basically all hype, and no delivery.

* I'll buy the next Read Dead, because the last was amazing, but I'm done with the GTA series.

WellyUK1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

agree GTA V was bad IMO it just bored me within a few minutes.

For me Gears 2 was a failure and a half was so hyped for another great MP experience but all i got was a load of lancer using bitches and lagg.

Destiny some what but it's not a bad game at all despite what people want you to believe, it has high player numbers for a reason.

AC unity as well. nothing really to say about it.

Anyone remember Brink? the so called CoD beater? that game was seriously bad.

Rome 2 Total War in a way just didn't live up to the first Rome despite still being a good game.

And many more that I've probably forgotten as they were so bad.

christian hour1165d ago

None, I can smell a bad game a mile off. If I couldn't do that after 25+ years of gaming then I'd have to be an absolute idiot.

It's possible I got overhyped for a bad sega or snes game, but I wouldn't be able to remember which ones, was eons ago.

PistolsAtDawn1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I liked Destiny and Ryse, although Destiny wasn't AS good as I had hoped.

I'd add MAG (I had high hopes for that game), KZ..esp the latest one, TLoU (remaster, not original..I explain why below), Order, SOCOM Navy Seals (I'm still pissed they branded that game with SEAL), Brink (another game I had high hopes for). Probably a few more...

DeadManMMX1165d ago

All the games on this list besides Destiny were pretty good. At first I didn't like the order but it grew on me before I knew it. Looking forward to the next one. Destiny just feels hollow to me but I know some people love it so like the man said different tastes.

Ben Dover1165d ago


You're clearly very new to N4G. Had you spend more than 1 day on this website you can see Straya (Aussiegamer) is constantly trolling, trying to start a flame war in every thread.

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chrisx1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )


Roccetarius1165d ago

Well, Crysis 2 was their first attempt as a multi-platform game, so it's no surprise it's seen as the worst one of them.

SolidGear31165d ago

Yeah, I enjoy Crysis and Crysis 3 the best. Crysis 2 was decent but felt too drawn out and difficult at times.

masa20091165d ago

I thought C2 was the best. It's not as open, which is what a lot of PC gamers were focused on, but the story elements, while spread out in a somewhat uneven manner, are better than 1 and bring some decent twists. The AI is also far less frustrating than C1 and C3.

I think there is a lot of snobbism in people's opinion of Crysis 2.

ninsigma1165d ago

Enjoyed the crisis 2 mp but I really had to drag myself through the campaign.

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INTOmyMOUTH1165d ago

Second and third uncharted.

INTOmyMOUTH1165d ago

Whoa whoa. Settle down. Can't have an opinion?

pumpactionpimp1165d ago

Seriously, this is what's wrong with our society today^

He has an opinion, it's obviously not the same as yours. Why is he a troll for stating his opinion? Since when do we live in a totalitarian society where everyone's opinions must conform? You could've just asked what he didn't enjoy, or left it alone. Instead you call him a troll because his views don't match yours. Get over yourself. I'm sure you dislike games others enjoy, and no one called you a troll for it.

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FamilyGuy1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

You sound crazy, UC3s multiplayer wasn't so great but that's about the only negative thing I could think of between those two games.

InTheZoneAC1165d ago

I'm not sure you should even consider the MP part of Uncharted when talking about how good it is

Uncharted isn't about the MP, nor should it ever be.

FamilyGuy1165d ago

Well me and a good group of psn friends at the time played hundreds if not thousands of hours of Uncharted 2s multilayer and had tons of fun with it so you claiming it to be some non-factor is irrelevant to me.

SolidGear31165d ago

Pretty much. UC2 had much better MP.

scark921165d ago

I loved U3 multiplayer, moreso than U2, though the split-screen multiplayer played a big part in that!

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bradleejones1165d ago

You apparently never played them and are trolling. What exactly did you not like about them? I also don't recall UC2 being all hyped up. The hype came about from the reviews if I recall.

InTheLab1165d ago

Dude at E3 they showed off the helicopter escape and crumbling building set piece and the game was hyped to all hell and lived up to it.

The game generated so much hype, the usual ps3 haters like G4 and IGN were actually complimentary to the Ps3 and took a break from hit pieces until it launched...

fitfox1165d ago

wah?? Uncharted 2 is the the good one

Perjoss1165d ago

I partially agree on 3 but 2 is one of the best games ever made

Yetter1165d ago

what?? Uncharted 2 was fantastic. Uncharted 3 is pretty overrated though

Ikonic1165d ago

I am also someone who dislikes all of the Uncharted games. Didn't like Tomb Raider either. Guess I just don't enjoy action adventure games.

Clunkyd1165d ago

Man, I can't imagine having your taste.

PistolsAtDawn1165d ago

The Second one was good, but the Third was a let down. Speaking of ND, I liked TLoU the first time, but buying the remaster was the biggest waste of money. Once you play that game there is no reason ever to play it again...and the remaster had more glitches and FPS issues than the original.

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dillhole1165d ago

All GTA games are massively hyped, and there will always be disappointment from some, but personally I loved GTA4.

Epicor1165d ago

Have to agree with this one. The game wasn't as good as all the 10/10 reviews made it look. I think the game took itself too seriously and it simply wasn't the same fun game than the others in this series are. Luckily GTA 5 brought the fun back!

InTheZoneAC1165d ago

it wasn't a bad game, just underwhelming when compared to what it offered.

Title asks specifically for bad games...

SolidGear31165d ago

All GTA games are crock to me. Seriously, I've always found them boring. Now Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire I both loved. Actually platinumed L.A. Noire in fact.

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