Best Buy Rolls Out New PS4 Promo Ads

Best Buy is wasting no time promoting upcoming games for the PS 4 even if some of them will not release for several months or until next year. Best Buy is also hinting at a Star Wars: Battlefront bundle in the displays as you can see in the images.

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GNCFLYER1528d ago

How about a free tv with that...

Skate-AK1528d ago

Bubz for funny. Perfect timing.

Garethvk1528d ago

Only if it is a 4k or an 8k.

Lore1528d ago

Sony doesn't have even the slightest need to release a tv with it like Microsoft does at the moment

LackTrue4K1528d ago

I was just there today. Bot a Samsung 32" 5003 series 5 for 270.00.
Is a large improvement over playing on my Alienware monitor.

iTechHeads1528d ago

Buying a 1080p in 2015 is the stupidest thing you could do since 4K is easily affordable. That XB1 deal though is pretty good for a bedroom or something but not for a main living room where you would want something big and future-proof.(I'd recommend the Vizio M-Series)

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1527d ago

Buying a 4K Tv in 2015 is the stupidest thing you could do since barely anything supports 4K, they're not nearly as affordable, and buy the time consoles and most TV supports 4K the 4K TV's of today will be outdated and behind.

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Kurisu1528d ago

Sony should be promoting The Nathan Drake Collection instead of Uncharted 4 seeing as it's releasing this year.

Christopher1528d ago

They are. You might have missed it, but they're advertising the collection to get into the Uncharted 4 beta.

Kurisu1527d ago

Ah I didn't see it, I seen battlefront, UC4 and Until Dawn.

Garethvk1528d ago

They are, it is in the picture. I can tell you they will be showing it off at PAX Prime in a few weeks as well.

Kurisu1527d ago

Looking forward to playing then again!

FallenAngel19841528d ago

Best Buy know what's going to be the biggest selling console this holiday season

donthate1528d ago

Best Buy was paid to advertise that. That is how it all works.

Retail visible space is big $$$.

Garethvk1528d ago

MS has a big Halo 5 : Guardians banner up so they paid big time as well.

Garethvk1528d ago

Let us not forget the Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Console bundle, that will help.

iTechHeads1528d ago

So does Walmart and Gamestop and everyone else.....its the Wii U.

PSIN4MANT1528d ago

They are going hard for that Battlefront promotion.

Garethvk1528d ago

It makes sense as you know the ramp up for The Force Awakens will be huge. Disney has new stuff to show this coming weekend at the D23 Expo and also Rogue One has started filming. We also hear news that Toon Town at Disneyland is going away for a Star Wars land it its place so like I said, massive Star Wars news and promotion is not a bad thing.

NemesisTheGod1528d ago

I feel sorry for Best Buy marketing department

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