Here Is What Happens Every Time I Try To Play The Witcher 3

Let me tell you a story in pictures.

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DarkOcelet1167d ago

LOL that usually happens to me if a game has repetitive side missions like many Ubisoft games. But a game like this with a well written dialog and varied side quests makes it much more interesting.

Taking a break from it by playing another game from a different genre helps too.

Also linear games are still awesome.

joab7771167d ago

Does this pass as an article? You are basically saying that you don't know what to do b/c you see side quests listed. Don't play an mmo, your head will implode.

Since the side quests are basically better than most games main quests, here's an idea. Pick the lowest level quest and DO IT!

Or if this IS a serious article and not a troll, just do the main quests, the rest will disappear as you slowly fail each one. Then go trade in this masterpiece b/c it's too much for you.

wakeNbake1167d ago

I guess people are complaining about having TOO much content now.

Bimkoblerutso1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Far be it from me to agree with Kotaku, but this is the problem I have with most open-world games as well.

The Witcher 3 was designed and written well enough that it wasn't nearly as bad as some other games, but it still suffered slightly from the open-world "list-of-chores" syndrome every now and then. Even with how well written they were, sometimes I really wished I could just be getting on with the main story instead of some random task some random villager asked me to do.

Cy1167d ago

I refuse to click on a Kotaku article, but Witcher 3 can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you only wanna sit down and play for a few hours. I pretty much gave up a few days after getting it because it was just a constant barrage of things on my map and I felt like I had to do them all. It didn't help that the story and characters never really grabbed my interest either.

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ZoyosJD1167d ago

I completed the game 100% death-march (excluding a couple glitched missions) just this week. My in-game counter sat at 31 days. After accounting for leaving my system on overnight a few times and plenty of afk that is still a massive amount of time to drop into a game.

Even so, you can throw the game on easy and finish the main story and prominent side quests in just over 30 hrs. The game notably improves as the story goes on and is certainly worth finishing and ties up things quite well.

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pandehz1166d ago

You need a psychologist?

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