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"Ninja Theory has felt like a mercenary of late. Enslaved didn't sell as well as it should have (neither did Heavenly Sword), and so the last five years has been spent 1) making a mobile game for EA-owned publisher Chillingo, 2) trying to reboot Devil May Cry for Capcom, and 3) working on Disney Infinity characters."

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freshslicepizza1191d ago

looks pretty good.

"We've been lucky that we've been able to survive is the reality," Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews told me at gamescom. "We came off the back of DmC at a time that was very different for the console space." The team tried to pitch a "big AAA blockbuster, $60 game that didn't get anywhere. The type of games we make can't be sustained in the AAA blockbuster market anymore."

"We need to sell about 300K units to make its money back, which won't be easy," but it's a more preferable situation than "needing to sell 5 million."

so how much is this game going to cost, $60 still?

RpgSama1191d ago

Love Enslaved, one of the better experiences of last generation, at least for me, hope Hellblade does really well.

P.s: There is an occasional sale of enslaved on Psn and when it is on sale is going for 5$, more people should buy it, specially at that price.

SolidGear31191d ago

I actually got Enslaved for $60 when it came out and loved it. My favorite game by Ninja Theory.

joab7771191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I think of Ninja Theory like Insomniac in a way. They have made some great games, but are always relegated to almost niche status. Making exclusives is a tough business. Insomniac suffered as Ninja theory did from lower PS3 sales last gen, and then again w/ xbone this gen.

Heavenly Sword and Enslaved are great games, and Hell blade looks good, but very differwnt, and the combat is strange. I hope it does really well, but I dunno.

OhMyGandhi1191d ago

enslaved was an incredible game. I bought it day one and am proud to have it in my collection. the game was beautiful, and I for one really enjoyed the combat. The characters, Monkey and Trip if I remember correctly, were fascinating. The post apocalyptic world was *colorful*, and beautiful to look at. I liked the linearity of it as well. Sometimes I just want to play a *game* and like a good book, go from cover to cover without having to pick up extraneous items or barter with a shop owner. The focus on narrative was a welcome change from the norm.

DigitalRaptor1189d ago

Heavenly Sword got its hype and due to it being a PS3 exclusive and one of the first to show what the console could do. The story and gameplay were pretty strong, and it's one of the most memorable action games from last-gen for me.

Enslaved is so underrated. Weird story, but great game.

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