Why There's No More Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions Coming - Gamescom 2015

Vice President of Bethesda, Peter Hines, explains why it can't supply anymore Pip-Boy editions.

TheRacingX3039d ago

and at least 80% of those sold are going right on ebay for 3x the cost....

Perjoss3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Mine's going straight onto my wrist ;)

TheXgamerLive3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

That video was the worst longest drawn out explanation ever.
Could of said what he needed in a couple sentences.

People, Their call LIMITED EDITION for a reason.

SunnyZ3039d ago

Just wait for cheap Chinese knockoffs.
All it is, is a plastic case you insert your phone into...

Summons753039d ago

Honestly, good. I really hate when "Limited" editions are never limited and are on clearance 60 months later for the regular games price.

Summons753039d ago

XD I didn't even realize I made that mistake.

objdadon3039d ago

It wasn't meant to be "limited " in that way. On another note, dice dropped the ball big time by not having a collector's edition for battlefront.

TriangleOffense3039d ago

Selling mine day 1, someone will overpay I guarantee


Games with the dumbest NPCs

Non-playable characters in certain games are meme material, thanks to their foolish behavior. These are the big-budget games with the dumbest NPCs.

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closed_account122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Bethesda makes the most consistently stupid NPCs, like really bad... yet I still can't help but love playing their games. Guilty pleasure, I guess. *sigh* 😩

Flawlessmic122d ago

How did redfall not make the cut.

anast121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Every Bethesda game and Every Halo game. This list needed to have Cyberpunk somewhere.


Games with Best Character Creation Systems

GF365: "We all love experimenting with character creation to make unique protagonists. These are the games with the best character creation systems."

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IamTylerDurden1220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Slightly disappointing game but Wo Long had a good creator. I was impressed by Oblivion back in what 05, 06? But the worst i have ever seen, clearly, Valheim.

oIMyersIo219d ago

What was up with Wo Long?

Not looked at any reviews and did download it on my Xbox before I sold the console but never got around to playing it. Saw it drop in price on PS5 and was thinking of picking it up.

RE: Character creation

Oblivion hold a special place for me, when it came out on PS3, it was the first game of its kind that I had played and the character creator took was amazing.

I do like Monster Hunter: World & FFXIV, personally.
Cyberpunk did good in that department, despite its numerous flaws.

IamTylerDurden1218d ago

I played Oblivion day 1 on 360 and was impressed with the creator. Damn near 20 yrs ago, it was impressive at the time. Special game, unfortunately 90% of current gamers on social media have not a clue about the older stuff. Elder Scrolls is just Skyrim to many. They know not of Gothic and the old guard that paved the way. Flimsy ass rhetoric and recycled opinions about the same bs is what garners attention. Meme culture. Insight and intellect hold no place on the current day internet. Fuck likes, follows, BS. I say what i believe is relevant, what i'm interested in, and following means fuck all bc i don't respect 99% of the ppl online anyway.

For the "TLDR" bs. I'ma not space it out on purpose. Fuck you very much folks.

isarai219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Honestly the one I remember being easiest and flexible enough to make any character I imagined was the PS2 WWE games, and Saints Row 2. I did really enjoy Dragons dogmas character creation too

IamTylerDurden1218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

I was gonna mention Black Desert but the game is horrible so...

Creator was the best part.

bunt-custardly218d ago

Lol CP 2077 is one of the easiest and less detailed editors around. It's all a mish-mash of presets.