Zynga's trouble continues as users and profits fall

Zynga's trouble continues as users and profits fall drastically in the most recent quarter. Additionally, employee turnover is apparently very high as well.

This is all occurring despite what was mentioned during the CEO transition away from Mattrick earlier this year.

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Sureshot1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

One more and it'll be a hat-trick for Mattrick

Marcus Fenix1871d ago

no disrespect for him personally but I believe he's one of those leaders who focus on short term revenue even at the cost of pissing off consumers (long term consequence), the strict XBOX ONE policies would've gotten them more game sales coz ppl can't share them with their friends but long term consequence is that some of those ppl will switch to other platforms and spend their money there.

superchiller1871d ago

Oh please, that shady smokescreen about sharing games was nothing more than a ruse to get suckers to accept Microsoft's harsh always-online DRM and no used game sales policies. Don't tell me you actually fell for that sham?

saladthieves1871d ago

And to actually think that Capcom is focusing on the mobile market...I hope they see this before it's too late. Who am I kidding anyway?

maniacmayhem1871d ago

The bubble was bound to burst. The casual market that Zynga focused on was just that, casual. They moved on and Zynga's outdated F2P tactics are just as outdated and old.

They put their nest egg on Facebook and even FB moved away from gaming. By the time Zynga jumped to the mobile market it was too late and other companies had already established themselves on those platforms.

Won't be long before they sell their huge SF building and move down the street to the old Sega building and then a few years later shut down the whole operation.

Ocsta1871d ago

Yeah I hope what's happening to these pirates is a sign of the collapse of mobile gaming. A guy can dream right?

Bigpappy1871d ago

LOL. Don at his best. He's on a roll. Now I understand why EA was the worst company in the world.

3-4-51870d ago

* I hope a lot of these people who jumped to mobile gaming FAIL HARD.

I feel bad saying it, but it needs to be said.

* Too many people trying to get a piece of an ever shrinking pie, in the mobile market.

* The console,dedicated handheld, & PC market will ALWAYS be relevant to core gamers and even casuals as well.

Doesn't matter how good something looks, there is no substance with ios games or zynga crap games, or browser games.

* It's like the extremely Hot women with a terrible personality.

Yea she's ok to look at, but she sucks as a person.

* Or for the ladies, like that guy who your attracted to, but then turns out to be a mega douche.

That is mobile games...that is browser games...that is zynga...

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superchiller1871d ago

Thank you Don, we believe you!

Davi1231871d ago

It's happening! Are casual gamers getting now what F2P games really are?!

uth111871d ago

I believe a crash in the mobile market/FB games was inevitable. The excitement and novelty would wear off eventually

TwoForce1871d ago

Well, what do we have here ? Another Don Mattrick failure.

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