Dark Souls Creator Says "I Do Want To Work On Something New"

Dark Souls series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about the newest installment in the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls 3, and how it will be a ”turning point” in the franchise as a whole.

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Player1241262d ago

I really agree with him since he should try something new to benefit other games with his development ideas.

joab7771262d ago

I'm surprised there's no mention of Bloodborne. He mentions that Dark Souls is his life's work, but he made Demon Souls, Dark Souls, broke off to make Bloodborne, and has now come back to do DS3, which really surprised me. It would have sold well even if it hadn't been the culmination of his work, with his name all over it.

I am glad for sure, and Bloodborne was a great indication that anything he does will be phenonomal, and inspiration drawn from anime, or berserk.

UltraNova1261d ago

He obviously wants to move away from Souls type of games in general.

darn shame to be honest as Souls games are my favorite at the moment, but I would hate to see him get trapped in a Kojima v Konami-like situation so I hope he manages to do what he wants when he wants to.

As for whats next I think we will love it as well.

Sonyslave31262d ago

How about a sequel too Otogi series .

Player1241262d ago

That would do the trick too haha.

StrawberryDiesel4201262d ago

I would love a Demon's Souls 2. Also, a sequel to Bloodborne would be nice.

Player1241262d ago

I don't think that's what he means with a new project. Also seeing a Bloodborne sequel may be highly unlikely.

shloobmm31262d ago

Use to love those games on the OG Xbox. What a fantastic series.

smashman981262d ago

Translation: "Im working on something new right now and will be unveiling it when the time is right"

Mostafeto1262d ago

Exactly what I thought once I read the article. Maybe we will see something announced soon.

InTheLab1262d ago

How about this totally new game called Demon's Bloodsouls?

wakeNbake1262d ago

A souls game in an underwater city like Rapture would be sick.

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