Watch Five Minutes of Leaked Off-Screen Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Gameplay

Now, if you didn’t like the prepared baked footage DICE showed on stage, then lucky for you that someone at gamescom just snagged over five minutes of off-screen Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron gameplay — and yes, it’s being played on a PlayStation 4.

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venom061169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Sadly, folks are gonna jump on and be all negative cause you watching some random person play an immersive game with no sound....the immersion and feel on the game is what make it fun.... Hell, you put a video of Battlefield or CoD with no sound and it would be a bad representation of the overall experience... Don't judge anything but the visuals from this video..

Erik73571169d ago

To me the spaceships look to floaty and have weird movement to them...

sinjonezp1169d ago

I have to agree with above. The x-wing movement looked very weird . It's like the screen has this focal point n the fighter moves in space around it. The visuals look incredible but I hope the sense of flight is tweaked substantially. I can't wait for this game so it's not hate, it's observation.

inveni01168d ago

The flight looks very similar to what's in the films, if you ask me. My biggest issue was flying through a big floating marker to repair your ship. I feel like you should have to land and take off again in order to get fixed up. But I imagine that's really not possible with how this is set up.

Aery1168d ago

Can't wait for this game.

The matches will be epic !!!

jb2271168d ago

I'm guessing all of the people who said the flight looks weird have never paid attention to a Star Wars film. In this regard the flight may be the most faithful to the films aspect from the game so far....looks just like a dogfight from the flicks to me.

RegorL1168d ago

Where have your imagination gone? These spaceships does not feel like current day fighter jets (I played in games)...

I have even seen people complaining about them having auto aim.

This does not logically match up!

Shouldn't future spaceships have auto aim when current day Swedish (like DICE) fighter jets have it?

"The internally mounted 27mm Mauser high-energy gun can operate in an automatic radar-guided aiming mode."

Who knows what properties a space capable fighter would have!

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3-4-51169d ago

* Pick your favorite game ever, and let a bad person play it, with no sound, and tell me how good the game looks then.

Syakinta1169d ago

They just replaced modern aircraft with starfighter?

Visualift1169d ago

They just replaced everything and replaced it with the Star Wars universe.... no biggie — such lazy developers. #sarcasm

Peace_Love_and_FPS1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

All these people saying it looks so floaty, well duuuuh you ever seen one fly in the movies?? The movement looks IDENTICAL. Also, no its not a copy paste, you have much more advanced mechanics than thrust and movement and the fighters have shields/more speed which can be used in moderation as well as a power system where you can either increase speed or increase the auto aim that was NOT there in BF4 meaning you actually have to fool your opponent not just randomly turn.

Handles nothing like a f****** modern day fighter, watch the video FFS


Thank you for being reasonable

Scatpants1168d ago

They replaced tetris blocks with spaceships, now it's completely different from Tetris.

dreadz741169d ago

excellent graphics wow real life. the player sucked though lol

Kavorklestein1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I'm sure you've played it SO many times and you're SO much better...

Gfx were top notch tho. The clouds/smog looked so real. Looks great, and I'm sure it's super fun.

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