Homefront: The Revolution Preview Is Better Than Its Trailer [NDTV]

NDTV says: "Considering how poor the game's trailer was at Microsoft's Gamescom event we had very low expectations for Homefront: The Revolution. The trailer showed off a structure of conquering locations and progression similar to open-world games like Far Cry and Assassin's Creed wherein you'd capture key areas on a map to progress through the storyline. It gave the impression of being a cookie-cutter, by the numbers take on Ubisoft's games. Not exactly an inspiring thing. Plus, some rather poor visuals didn't exactly help matters. Read on to find out more.

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hiredhelp1165d ago

Good to know was bit concerned now im intrested.

Crazyglues1165d ago

Actually the recent Gameplay-tralier Looked pretty good -->

Game seems like it might actually be really good.

thorstein1165d ago

Thanks for that. This game looks fun. A good story and gameplay will do wonders.

maybelovehate1165d ago

I thought that trailer was pretty great to be honest.

captainbigballs1165d ago

moremoremoremoremore please

Ocsta1165d ago

They had me at open world shooter. STALKER, I miss you...

Lon3wolf1164d ago

Very, I still visit the zone occasionally, such a shame there is to be no more.

scark921164d ago

You never know! GSC are back!