Here’s Over 10 Minutes of Raw Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay

If you’re looking forward to Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and the recent Q&A and eSports features reveal weren’t enough, then you might want to watch the video as it features over 10 minutes of PlayStation 4 Black Ops 3 multiplayer gameplay straight from gamescom.

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Dinkleberg1011168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

game looks shit, can't wait not to play

EDIT: holy shit i could have sworn the devs promised there would be no exo-crap. i was giving this game some thougt but after watching this video NO THANKS i think ill pass this game

neocores1168d ago

Clearly not an exo suit. dumbass

morganfell1168d ago

Did you just learn a new curse word?

Hate this game all you like because it owns you. It forces you to come into this thread and comment because you know its importance. It is going to sell, and sell a lot. Why? Because a massive number of people mystify you in their ability to outright enjoy the game. I am one of them.

I love people trashing COD and every time they say it is done and try (in vain) to write it off it pulls that stake out and flies right back up onto its feet and then eviscerates the naysayers.

Dinkleberg1011167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

@neocores "clearly not an exo suit. dumbass"

i don't care whether its exo suit or jetpacks or whatever the hell you like to call them. the gameplay and the new jumping mechanics, the lack of new weapons and the stale below average 8-9 hours campaign with a recycled gameplay ruined this franchise for me. i bought ghosts and hated its guts. then i gave sledgehammer a chance and i also hated their game. and good old treyarch is no longer the same developer in my opinnion. i like black ops 2 but after watching this video, the maps theme remind me ALOT of the maps we had in advanced warfare. its like they stopped trying to innovate.
atleast we have star wars coming soon. ill pass this game

@morganfell "Did you just learn a new curse word?"
don't know what you mean by that but i guess yes i did

morganfell1167d ago

"i don't care whether its exo suit or jetpacks or whatever the hell you like to call them."

Oh but you do care. You cared enough to be one of the first posters into the thread and you cared enough to come back and post again. You care. Say what you like but your actions of visiting and revisiting the thread say something different. Quite different.

There are quite a few areas in the maps where they have innovated but when you view everything with angry tunnel vision then of course you will not see it.

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captainbigballs1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

lol we didn't need this, theres plenty of gameplay already out there, but thanks i guess lmao

edit: raw footage? don't make me laugh this video is sliced to pieces

3-4-51168d ago

* This looks like COD....nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing groundbreaking or amazing, just more plain old COD.

Will be passing on this, but congrats for those who are at least get new maps to play on.

Rookie_Monster1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Meh.....looks like a Titanfall ripoff. Another year, another mediocre COD.

SourtreeDing1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

lol i dont know why defend one trash game for another trash game???

titanfall is the same trash idc who came up first with wall jumps both games take no skill...

COD online lost me when they gave up for authenic guns...

that being said i cant wait for Zombies because that is the only reason i play COD for

morganfell1168d ago

Why trash it? Simple. Sony has the marketing agreement. the PS4 is the Black Ops eSports platform.

Rookie_Monster1167d ago


"Why trash it? Simple. Sony has the marketing agreement."

Lol, I have been saying that since this April when no marketing deal was even set up. Moving the goal post and false accusation again, I see Morganfell, eh. ;) and smh
Has Call Of Duty Successfully Reinvented For A New Generation?

Rookie_Monster  +&# 160;  104d ago
"Not that interested. I rather save my money for better games."

ExplodingJuice1168d ago

The person who recorded this video needs to learn to let the whole video play whether you are doing good or not. The fast forwarding is just annoying.

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IVanSpinal1168d ago

That ugly Audio Hit Indicators

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