Check Out The Awards Scalebound, Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, MGS5 & More Won at Gamescom

Big industry events are also a chance for developers to receive the recognition they deserve in the form of awards, and Gamescom is no exception.

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sammarshall1021194d ago

It's good to see these amazing looking games getting their deserved attention

DarkOcelet1194d ago

I am surprised that Dualshockers didn't give MGSV an award when the Mother Base gameplay was one of the best at the show.

classic191193d ago

Mgs5 was the best, i cant wait for this game, i love my tactical games.

1194d ago
slane31194d ago

Scalebound an award ? you can't be serious.

Brisco1193d ago

Why not? One of the best showings at e3.

showtimefolks1193d ago

you means gamescom not e3 right? and even to me it didn't look all that good. but like I said in the comment below that it should get better as development progress

as gamers we all can't like the same things , that's what makes us diverse as a community

DigitalRaptor1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Scalebound has pedigree behind it, which is why it probably won awards, but I don't know how that gameplay, and that poor frame rate performance is award-worthy in the slightest. You shouldn't be awarding a game for what it could be but for what was shown. The gameplay looks no more impressive than any of the niche JRPGs that can be found on competing consoles in any given year. From Platinum, I was expecting better. Maybe this was the problem Kamiya was having with how Microsoft was revealing the game. I doubt it was ready, cause it didn't look it.

In all honesty, Microsoft had an impressive Gamescom showing and had probably the biggest presence there, so I'm not surprised that they won these awards with a heavy focus being on their lineup. Rise of the Tomb Raider didn't win any awards at E3 from what I remember, so what did they show of it at Gamescom to garner the awards here? Points for showing up. Kinda proves my point.

showtimefolks1193d ago

while rest of them are fine even crackdown 3 was awesome. I just didn't get into scalebound demo at all, I know I maybe in minority but like past games from platinum games it just didn't have that IT factor in the game demo yet

I said yet because the game is still ways off before release so things will change and hopefully for the better

can't believe mgs 5 is now now only about 3 weeks away

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