Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Improvement?

Push Square: "We reckon that the PlayStation 4's user interface is pretty darn good, but it could be better. We're not especially fond of the PlayStation Store icon's placement for starters, but the content ribbon can also be a little clunky to navigate. Fortunately, graphic designer Ryan Duncan has dreamed up a solution to that problem, concocting a home screen that retains the look of the original, while tidying it up."

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Genuine-User1166d ago

Current layout is much better than what's on show here, in m opinion. I hope this picture is fake, I don't like at all.

Ozmoses1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

of course it's fake... it says right in the description

"Fortunately, graphic designer Ryan Duncan has dreamed up a solution to that problem, concocting a home screen that retains the look of the original, while tidying it up."

he made it to show off how he thinks it should be

It looks pretty cool. But the current one is pretty cool

Kingthrash3601166d ago

Did anyone see the ui in the pixel movie??
Because it looked different to me.
This interface looks clean but I still prefer the current one they have.

XboxOneX1166d ago

Sony should just go back to the PS2 style interface.

grumpygamr1166d ago

Looking forward to Xbox One and PS4 redesign. Keep the goodness coming.

Dee_911166d ago

im tired of this tile interface thing.

AndrewLB1166d ago

It so reminds me of Windows 10 settings screen.

XBLSkull1166d ago

Definitely nicer than it exists today

abstractel1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

It is cleaner and it has some good ideas. My main thing is how long you have to scroll sideways to get to your game currently. Making the icons smaller and making them into two rows might work. But overall I am quite happy with the way it is. I guess folders/groups would be an alternative so you could store media and games separately as an example -- it would be user customizable.

UltimateMaster1166d ago

It does need an redesign.
Something to separate the apps from the games and the ability to make folders.
Also to put games in order of preference rather than the last one played.

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captainbigballs1167d ago

Windows Metro look + PS3 UI. Not impressed, but whatever gets everyone off, I guess.

nitus101166d ago

The problem you find with User Interfaces is the fact that not all users will like it. Now if you have an easily customised UI then pretty much all users will like it.

Of course you always have detractors no matter how customisable a UI is.

The UI is for the game "Driveclub" which really is dependent on the game designer. What I really want to see is the UI for the PS4 itself not what a particular game's UI looks like.

christian hour1166d ago

This isn't a UI for DriveClub, that just happens to be the game thats in the disc tray. And this just happens to be fanmade and not in any way official.

But it is a fan made UI for the ps4, not driveclub.

I'm sorry, I really do think I misunderstood the last part of your post, if I have, ignore all I said above.

I'm not a fan of this fanmade GUI to be honest, While it does look a lot neater, it doesnt seem as functional.

With the current official UI I can quickly get to the last few games I played (all my purchases are digital), the last thing I want to do is go in to the library, and then scroll through 50 games. And going off this design, thats exactly what I'd have to do.

As someone already said above me, the best solution to please everyone, would be a fully customizable GUI, with features like grouping objects, customizable layout, custom objects/folders etc.

Personally I'd love to see an evolution much like what happened with the 360 last gen. Does anyone remember the original "Blades" gui? The gui they have now on 360 is night and day compared to it (think they had a few other redesigns in between the years), and thats night on earth and day on some undiscovered exoplanet mind you.

Whymii1166d ago

It is better. What I really would like to be able to do is hide unused apps like NBA, Hulu and Amazon and create folders. Each to their own.

wellard1166d ago

I can't wait to see what Sony actually do to tidy up the ui. They have a fantastic system and talented people working behind the scenes. I personally think it would be fantastic if they added lots of customisation so we could have a better personally customised experience.

ilikepizza1166d ago

What do you mean lol? Sony won't do anything,its literally the same UI from psp and sony bluray players. It's not changing.

wellard1166d ago

No it won't completely change, I think it's fair to say that point is fairly obvious and doesn't need pointing out. What they will do though is fix and streamline the experience. As for customisation that's a big wish that I'm entitled to. Next time curb the presumption and engage some common sense.

TheSaint1166d ago

Does it matter? You find your game/app you boot it up, right?

deadpoolio3161166d ago

You would think.....I own something like 75 digital games, and it literally takes me 10 seconds to scroll right to library and find the game.....It takes so little time I personally could care less what the UI looks like...

UKmilitia1166d ago

i dont, my fav console is still the xb360 blades.
ps4 as it is now is ok,but i want my own folders.

showtimefolks1166d ago

I do hope in the future both companies at least release videos beforehand of few different designs and explain everything in each design. Than maybe let your fanbase vote on which design they like best

FoxyGotGame1166d ago

It's funny to read some of the comments ...

Basically, some X1 Gamer's like it, and some PS4 Gamer's don't.

I like the current set up, but if Sony introduced this new design, I'd be equally happy, so long as it's snappy /

IamTylerDurden11166d ago

I like the current way better. I like the current setup, even the store is good on PS4, i like the "what's new" page as well. This setup is less visual and less appealing to me.

The current PS4 setup doesn't need fixing, they've tweaked it already and i have grown to feel comfortable with it.

uth111166d ago

I don't like it, it focuses on everything EXCEPT games

gapecanpie1166d ago

the current layout is for handicap people.... It sucks!!!!

BallsEye1166d ago

It does look cleaner and nicer overal. Funny thing is that's metro UI which was originally designed by MS and now is in all MS devices including xbox one (just way more fancy). I'm all up for it. Just surprised that people here on n4g like it, considering they always said xbox one interface blows.

Muzikguy1166d ago

I think Sony should really consider options when it comes to the home screen. With the PS4 though I rarely ever see it so it's not that big of a deal

bigc0720041164d ago

Agreed. I think the ps4 layout NOW is way better than the xbones. Way easier to get to things, and close out of stuff. This would simply improve that even more.

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mushroomwig1167d ago

It seems a little more claustrophobic to be honest, everything just seems to be crammed together for the sake of it and there's no need. Games need to be easily accessible but here they seem to be more clicks away compared to the real PS4 UI. Why is Spotify given it's own space? What if I don't have it? The stores location seems a little awkward being put square in the middle like that.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1166d ago

It seems as if the designer forgot there are digital games too, I don't want to go into my library for that it's already unorganized enough considering I can't delete games/betas/demos from my F****** account

PSN_ZeroOnyx1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

In the library if you move from "ALL" down to "GAMES" it will list all your games in alphabetical order which makes it easier.

I have never had an issue deleting anything, just find the app/game/beta/demo and press the OPTIONS button and it will be near the bottom of the list of options.

Sir_Simba1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I think the fake that release last year was beautiful

An entire article on it.

colonel1791166d ago

I loved the side bar for trophies when pressing PS button and also the Party invitation. I really hope that something about that it's real. After all, the press PS button when getting a notification was real and implemented after those images got leaked.

Speak_da_Truth1166d ago

yes I was really hoping that one was real. It looks clean and beautiful as you said.

susuFOX1165d ago

this design looks awesome

DanielGearSolid1167d ago

I can't believe ppl complain about the ps4 ui

The sh** works

pompombrum1167d ago

Agreed, it's extremely responsive and I've never had problems finding anything that was actually included. Having said that though, that image looks beautiful, not only does it have a more modern look to it, it actually makes the easy navigation even easier.

Clunkyd1167d ago

Its not because it works, we just want more from it.

wellard1166d ago

I agree, more is good. We all love it when things are improved upon.

Fez1167d ago

Could be improved though...
Accessing games could be faster using a tiled approach so for example multiple rows of 6 columns would mean the 7th game would only take 1 move to reach rather than 6. Then your 13th game would be 2 moves rather than 12.

I would also like to see more customization.

Randostar1167d ago

Anything is simpler than a bunch of neon colored boxes that don't actually have any real use to them.