With the release of Rare Replay, Xbox One now has more N64 games than Wii U

There are now more N64 games on the Xbox One than on Nintendo's own Wii U.

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sammarshall1022784d ago

Wow I didn't know this

I also didn't realize how much fun this nostalgia package would be

3-4-52784d ago

N64 games are coming to NX. Nintendo mentioned them for Wii U, but with the announcement of the NX I think as much as possible is being held off and put on that system.

* I would....It gives the NX just one more selling point, and the more it stacks up the greater the appeal.

Vegamyster2783d ago

Nintendo originally planned for the Wii (Or Revolution at the time.) to be fully backwards compatible with their previous consoles but that never happened and they haven't done much with the Wii-U/3DS, i'm still wondering why games like Metroid Fusion ect aren't on the 3DS Eshop despite giving to ambassadors of the system.

grumpygamr2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I just wish Nintendo would release the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

Rare Replay is a great value at 30 bucks. But then again I am a huge fan of old school. Not everyone is.

3-4-52783d ago

* I wish Wii U had 100+ N64 games, as N64 was one of my favorite consoles...still own mine, but I don't think we are getting them for Wii U this gen.

* It makes more sense to put EVERYTHING into NX.

The More Selling points...the more positives it has, the more appealing it will be.

* Imagine NX with Better graphics than PS4, but with Nintendo's IPs + 3rd Party support, and some form of backwards compatibility or eshop for a huge majority of NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube games.

This Rare replay game is pretty cool though, and I'll be getting it at some point specifically for Banjo-Tooie.

Not sure why all the people still think Wii U is getting a bunch of N64 games or something ? It's not.

DemonChicken2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Until Nintendo fixes this -

and make their console region free - I will consider owning/investing in a nintendo system. The wiiU is not delivering at the moment from my perspective.

These two factors are most important when I am looking at the console with the games being the most deciding factor. Which at the moment is pretty lack luster especially on the rpg side.

OT - Rare Replay is a really impressive collection - feel like I am a kid again when revisiting these games!

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nitus102783d ago

Rare games was purchased by Microsoft in 2002 so it should not be a surprise that all games that are owned by Rare can be made for the XB1.

Of course any game that was on the N64 that has Nintendo IP will definitely not be ported to the XB1 or even the PlayStation for that matter.

In many respects this is not that different for Sega owned IP classics appearing as a collection on the PS3 and XBox360.

Metallox2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

This requires a deeper analysis, it would be interesting. But just saying that Xbox One has more N64 games than Wii U is a pale and worthless comparison, especially when there's only one game of difference.

However, this statement is accurate and I agree with it:

"Xbox fans can enjoy those classic N64 games and 23 more for only $30, while Nintendo still charges $8 per Nintendo 64 game. Perhaps its time for Nintendo to reconsider its virtual console business model, when the competition is giving so much away for a much better price."

That's right, we need cheaper prices and a smoother line of releases in the Virtual Console.

Bzone242784d ago

How is it a pale and worthless comparison? N64 is a Nintendo product. The fact that the Xbox One, a Microsoft product, has even one more N64 game than the Wii U, a Nintendo product, is worthy of comparison. A competing console has more of Nintendo's back catalog of the N64 than the company that made the console. That's just crazy.

akurtz2784d ago

But then again, when you look at it frok a differnet perspective, such as a 2015 console playing 80s/90s titles is considered newsworthy.

DragoonsScaleLegends2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

So your basically saying the company that owns the console owns all the games on the console? That's not how it works and Microsoft does not have any of Nintendo's games. If anything Nintendo has theirs when it comes to Rare's best games.

Metallox2784d ago

Oops, I missed the comment.

I said it below, when Wii U gets eight games, what are we going to say now? That Xbox One has nearly the same quantity of N64 games as Wii U?

That's why I'm saying the comparison doesn't really matter, Wii U will get more N64 titles and Xbox One not.

But why does Xbox One have more games of that console, anyway? Because Microsoft is smart enough to release many old games in one sitting, AND CHEAP.

30 games for 30 dollars? Well, that's incredible!

But what about Nintendo? An NES game every week for at least 4 dollars? A Super Nintento every two weeks for 7 dollars? A N64 game each month for 12 dollars?

Wow, no. We can't have a decent collection of Nintendo's lecacy without investing less than 100 dollars.

I want Nintendo's terrible decisions to stop, that's all.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2783d ago

uh because Nintendo is not only releasing N64 games but DS and Wii games as well at the same time.

wonderfulmonkeyman2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Except it doesn't, if you include the VC offerings from the Wii mode.
Xbone has a bit of BC but it can't even come close to comparing to what's on offer on the Wii U through both Eshops.
Also, not only is it merely a single game's difference, it's also a fact that they won't be getting more than the Wii U in the long run.

This whole article is just a cheap shot for the console war soldiers in Micro's camp to get their rocks off to.

4Sh0w2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"This whole article is just a cheap shot for the console war soldiers in Micro's camp to get their rocks off to."

-Yet this news comes from

-I'm a xbox fan, not a console war soldier but I bought the Rare Replay collection yet I wouldn't have known this unless a wii u site told me.

-I do think its surprising however given Nintendo owns wii u, you'd automatically think at no point would X1 have more n64 titles available....that will certainly change but its still a interesting point to make, that's all. The pricing issues should be more of a concern for Nintendo fans.

jcnba282783d ago

This article is not correct. The Wii U is BC to the Wii which means it's BC to the Wii's eShop, which contains dozens of N64 games, most of which are better than the N64 games on Rare Replay.

All of those games can be played on Wii U now.

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Metallox2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"The fact that the Xbox One, a Microsoft product, has even one more N64 game than the Wii U, a Nintendo product, is worthy of comparison."

But at the end of the day, Wii U is going to get more yes or yes. I didn't explain myself enough.

The fact that releases on the Virtual Console are slow is the real issue here, alongside with the expensive prices.

alabtrosMyster2783d ago

can't argue with their logic on pricing, Nintendo should up their game, if at least they had their virtual consoles purchases spread across Wii, Wii U and N3DS (DS as well maybe, at least for 8 and 16-bit games)... their prices would make sense, the games run inside an emulator for each platform anyway... and having to re-buy my virtual consoles from the Wii days is the reason why 1 - I stopped buying them early on ... 2 I never got a Wii U (one of the reasons).

I would also like Sony to bring PS Classics to PS4... :-(

GenuineGamer2784d ago

Such a joke. Nintendo have such a massive arsenal of titles to use and they just aren't. Its like they're just sitting back drinking sake living off the success of the original wii and handhelds. They need a boot up their ass and make the NX all it can be!!!

akurtz2784d ago

And start a new generation of ips and mascots, and not 6 mario titles on their launch year.

Morgue2784d ago

This is the best post I've read all day next too hearing this homeless lady on my way home from work yelling at the top of her lungs.

" I write bad checks like Michael Jackson! "

lizard812882783d ago

Same thing with Sony. I would like to download more PSN classics, but no. IIRC, the ps4 have none.


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