First official PS4 Bundle with new model CUH-1216a announced

Sony today unveiled the first official PlayStation 4 Bundle with the new model CUH-1216a that coming with Disney Infinity 3.0: Play Without Limits and a exclusive Star Wars figure.

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blackblades1193d ago

And it's not in America, don't want Disney anyways.

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donthate1192d ago

I was all excited about a Star Wars PS4 bundle, but it turns out to be a Disney Infinity one. No special artwork, just a plain boring black PS4.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Waiting for a cool edition.

blackblades1192d ago

Plain is awesome, it's better then getting destiny model it looking at it for years definitely when it's outdated.

IamTylerDurden11192d ago

I'm sure PS4 WILL have a Limited Edition Battlefront bundle for the holidays. The Star Wars Battlefront bundle should be awesome, probably will be unique looking like the LE Arkham Knight, MGSV, Taken King bundle ect.

I can see them making it similar to the Battlefront 2 PSP bundle. I was very happy when i bought that PSP, it was all storm trooper white with a large black silk screened Darth Vader on the back, so nice.

I expect this bundle will come to NA, but that LE Battlefront PS4 is going to be gaw-juss.

butchertroll1192d ago

You know that Star Wars Battlefront will also be available???

Yi-Long1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I like special editions, but I don't need a special image or logo on it or anything (or just very subtle and fitting...)

... but a nice original color-scheme, like that Red MGS5 PS4 that's coming out, or that Blue Forza 5 XBO that's coming out, those just look great.

I would love a wooden PS4.

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showtimefolks1192d ago

do you guys ever consider the fact that not every bundle is trying to target the core gamers? bundles like these are for families and these sort of bundles tend to sell quite well

MasterCornholio1192d ago

They are just trolling.

Any normal person knows that the games that Sony has with marketing deals will get bundles.

Whether it's a bundle with a custom PS4 is another question.

Regardless these bundles will sell.

showtimefolks1192d ago


yeh I agree and that also makes sense money wise.

batman bundle
star wars disney bundle
mgs 5 bundle
star wars bundle
destiny taken king bundle
and most likely call of duty bundle

while these are a lot of bundle these will help sell a lot of ps4's. when any of these games are advertised each will end with ps4 logo at the end

that may not matter to us but when causals see the advertisement end with certain console, they tend to think it's exclusive on that console

unlike us they don't visit gaming sites

ms sold a lot of consoles last gen using these tactics. and it's smart business

Poli_Games1192d ago

The new model is definitely in America right now. I work in retail and a few days ago I opened a box of these babies. Made a video and everything for proof http://www.thepolinetwork.c...

blackblades1192d ago

Seen that days ago, none of the stores in my city has the new models. Gamestop and eb games knew nothing about the new revision. I would be checking back Tuesday as he said they're getting some last of us bundle in hopefully those are it.

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Travis37081193d ago

Yeah we need this in America!

Sarobi1193d ago

I wonder what kind of bundles they'll bring to America for the holidays. Battlefront and Black Ops III bundles?

sactownlawyer9161193d ago

And assassins creed bundle as well.

timmyp531193d ago

I'd put my money on bf3 .Star Wars is going to be huge this holiday.

morganfell1192d ago

It will be the biggest theme of the holidays. I can just see a Star Wars bundle with a Special Edition white PS4 with Rebel or Imperial artwork and logo.

Regardless of a Special Edition PS4, because of the marketing exclusivity Sony will be getting a ton of free advertisement in the form of the biggest movie of the year.

GribbleGrunger1192d ago

Can you imagine if in every single cinema they show the PS4 bundle just before the film starts? The impact would be astronomical.

morganfell1192d ago

It seems very logical that Sony would want a Battlefront PS4 trailer attached in some manner. Logical and very very possible. No matter how MS responds with a trailer for any game, Star Wars fans going to a Star Wars movie will remember the Star Wars game trailer and the associated console. The movie becomes the hype machine.

iTechHeads1192d ago

Those are a sure bet. Hopefully they follow their Batman model and release a basic PS4 with free game and a more limited customized console at $450.

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NiteX1193d ago

Isn't the MGS and Destiny TK the first official new bundles?

core_51192d ago

both coming after this in september, so this is the first available on the market.

TeamLeaptrade1192d ago

Not really big into Disney Infinity, but cool nonetheless.

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