PlayStation 4 Camera discounted by 33 percent

The PlayStation 4 Camera has been discounted by 33 percent, dropping its price to just $39.99.

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VenomUK1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

The camera is not required for the PlayStation gaming experience, but for me it has proved a surprise hit. It makes it so easy to live broadcast your game and voice and your face.

So many reviews from 'legitimate' websites have lost sight of what a game review should be about and they go off on a tangent or some unrelated ramble about whether a game is artistic, or mark it down if for issues that don't match their political agenda. I just want to know if a game is worth my time! So other people having PS camera has allowed me to watch people playing new games and see their reactions and it actually helps with some buying decisions.

I also love just watching random people from around the world talking to the PS community about their lives. Sometimes it might be gangbanger from the USA or a stoner from Germany. Earlier this week I was watching a young Japanese woman in her apartment make some strange spaghetti meal with hotdogs. Then she sat down and ate it giggling to all the comments. Best TV ever!

So, what I'm trying to say is you don't need it, but it is a new avenue to share your gaming passion and is a lot of fun!

ABizzel11167d ago

I have it as well, but personally I don't use it too much, since the PS OS is designed to work flawlessly without it, but for those coming from and XBO, or those who simply want to use it for Game streaming & voice, it's a great buy, and I would recommend it to you at this price (got mine's Black Friday for the same price).

donthate1167d ago

I don't have a PS4 cam, but how is the voice control on it?

On my Xbox One it is near flawless and I love using it. I can control the entire Xbox One with it. When I'm in the kitchen I can start Netflix (or anything really) by saying:

Xbox On
Xbox Sign <insert your name>
Xbox Go To <name of app/game of your choice>

Spotie1167d ago

Not a bit of that has anything to do with this, donthate.

johndoe112111167d ago


You don't need the cam for that with the ps4, any headphone with mic will do.

S2Killinit1167d ago

Already got mine. Good deal.

Sitdown1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Lightning deal on July 15th had it for $29.99. Best Buy currently has the $39.99 price tag as well.

gamer_xaf1167d ago

Get it now if you're planning on getting Morpheus.

S2Killinit1167d ago

exactly. Not sure why you have 2 disagrees to that. lol

Me-Time1167d ago

Crap. I forgot about that :O

PhoenixUp1167d ago

I feel the PS Camera is just the right price for what it does. If they improved voice commands id definable buy one just to Livestream.

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