Crackdown 3: New Video Details The Power of Cloud, Gameplay And Destruction

Dave Jones from Reagent Games details some of the game's features.

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TheGreatGamer1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Azure is going to be a 20 billion $ business in 3 years. Thats almost the size of the entire Sony corporation market cap just to put it in perspective. Can't wait to see what future applications to gaming this will have on Xbox One!

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UKmilitia1167d ago

at 1m13 seconds of the video,surely that cant be the actual game?
the draw distance looks way to good and clear.

be amazing if it is and i so want this game but everything sounds and looks a little to good to be true

HaveAsandwich1167d ago

The only bad part is that crackdown sucks. All this focus on crackdown.......

Mystogan1167d ago

It's truly glorious/pathetic to see Sony fanboys try to downplay the undownplayable.

3ndulg31166d ago

Well they better get ready because azure plus direct 12 is gonna make heads roll.

CantBeStopped1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Just not quite as glorious/pathetic as it is to see Xbox fanboys try to upplay a tech demo that hast yet been proven in an actual at home game environment yet.

I'm sure that sounded trollish but I figured the only way to respond to a troll comment was with a troll comment so you would understand.

shmowboyfebop1167d ago

I agree. Why do we all have to get so upset about this? Gamers should be happy that a game looks awesome. Especially one as beloved as the crackdown series. Thing is I don't own an Xbox one right now so I can't join in the fun. Doesn't mean I shouldn't acknowledge that this whole cloud based physics stuff looks awesome.

GamingTruth1167d ago

Its sad to see Microsoft has sooooooo much more money than sony but has such a weaker platform, and maybe Microsoft wouldn't have so much money if they were in as many sectors as sony, I mean Microsoft should have so much money from 3 gaming generations of charging people to play online; then having to use a sony tech (blueray) to even try and compete with sony.

Riddler891167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Butt hurt much? Why are you on an xbox article if you love your playstaion so munch? Cuz your PlayStation can't do this... Troll else where

Pandamobile1166d ago

GamingTruth is like 13 years old, there's no point in arguing with him.

3ndulg31166d ago

You do know blueray would not work if Microsoft didn't help with coding right.

1166d ago
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Genuine-User1167d ago ShowReplies(13)
slate911167d ago

Man genuine, you have bee putting in your overtime for damage control lol.

Sonyslave31167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Just because Ps4 is stronger console hardware wise doesn't mean it can do what it weaker brother xbox one can do for example, Last gen PS3 was the powerful console but it couldn't some of the simple features xbox 360 can do like party chat and even custom sound track .

KionicWarlord2221167d ago

Its gonna be a long way to crackdown 3 at this point. People keep on flipping positions on this website.

"Oh no its not possible" "Well now it is" "its red faction" "Probably cgi"

"huge connection" "anyone can do this"

I dont think people realize there setting themselves up with this stuff.

Its like super saiyan 4 level of damage control and they haven't even shown the full multiplayer yet.

I dont think people have let that sink in.

slate911167d ago

Right, they havent even shown a single mode in mp lol. This damage control is REAL. Just look at genuine user lol. Hes in every article lol

3ndulg31166d ago

Yeah some of his buddies have not shown face yet.

Spotie1167d ago

Here's what I don't get:

All this time, the debate has been about making the XB1 more powerful through cloud computing. And all this time, Microsoft has failed to show that this was possible outside a controlled environment. If it WERE possible in any capacity, it'd be limited; that's what's been argued this whole time.

Now that they've finally shown SOMETHING, the debate is settled... only it isn't, because what they've shown is EXACTLY what the "naysayers" have been saying all along.

What is being done in Crackdown is on an unprecedented scale. But it's not unprecedented. And it's not impossible elsewhere. When people bring up examples, it's senseless to disregard them just because they're not EXACTLY the same; the point is to highlight that similar things have been done already, or how the concept is possible on things other than the XB1.

But some of the XB1 fans around here are SO eager to finally have what they see as a "win" that they can't acknowledge that, yes, this tech is built on the backs of previous advancements, and yes, we've seen something similar- if not as extensive- in other titles. All that matters is "See? Cloud is possible!"

By all means, be glad it's so impressive. But the close-minded ridiculousness that has followed the announcement is asinine on a major scale, too.

maniacmayhem1167d ago

Your comment literally made absolutely NO SENSE.

If I recall you were one of the biggest picket sign holders on N4G yelling that this type of tech was impossible to do on consoles. Now you are in full spin mode to a point to where every excuse makes no sense at all.

They showed SOMETHING way back during the demo where you and others closed your eyes and ears and yelled "IT CAN'T BE DONE". You were on the frontline yelling(regurgitating) that today's internet connections couldn't handle this type of tech. You made every excuse to downplay what MS was showing.

Now it's hilarious to see Sony fans LIKE YOU say that this type of tech can all of sudden be magically done because it was done before and it's nothing new.

The hypocrisy is outstanding with you.

It went from CANT BE DONE to IT WAS DONE BEFORE. How quickly the lot of you remember past games that had similar type of destruction when MS shows theirs on a larger more impressive scale.

And you want to put things down like "close-minded ridiculousness"?

It's amazing the lengths you will go through to make sure that NO Xbox fan can enjoy anything that MS has in store for them. But then get steaming mad and call others trolls when they're in Sony articles leaving their opinions that don't align with yours.

4Sh0w1167d ago

lol Well said maniac, well said.

FlyShootRaceSims1167d ago

Hey Spotie, I'm beaming you down!

3ndulg31166d ago

The problem is you sony boys say it cannot be done but Microsoft just showed what can be done and you all still not convinced.

Yetter1166d ago

"What is being done in Crackdown is on an unprecedented scale. But it's not unprecedented. And it's not impossible elsewhere "

Links please

Yetter1166d ago

I see you've only got two bubble maniamayhem but you've used them wisely on this thread.

christocolus1166d ago


Well said. Very well said. Bubs up.

Septic1166d ago

Haha wow, what a silly post. This sentiment here sums up the changing of goalposts by the haters and the sheer insecurity after Crackdown's demo.

The absolutely laughable excuses are as follows:

1. Its been done before- look at Red Faction! -_-' Yeah that desolate planet with physics that clips through itseld is the same as LEVELLING A WHOLE CITY. Someone even mentioned Uncharted 2! What??

2. Its just a demo, let's wait (and desperately pray to whatever diety we worship that this doesn't work). Yes we know its a demo but why on earth can we not assume it will work when we have things like 2-4mb bandwith requirements being given etc?

3. But Sony can do it too! Hold up a sec...make your mind up. At first you lot told us that it wasn't possible. Then you lot are saying it is possible and Sony can do it too? What? Okay, tell us when Sony has talked about this tech? Heck if Sony had said it was possible you lot would be championing the Power of the Cloud and the gifs and memes would be about how Greatness Awaits.

You know, I expected a few Sony die hards to at least have the decency to put their hands up and say, yup, looks like we were wrong in dismissing this and if it works in the home environment then thats amazing and the power of the cloud is impressive. But of course, people like you either went into hiding for a few days when this was shown or others haven't popped up at all after how vocal they were for ages.

If you guys don't have humility or even scruples to admit when you're wrong that's your problem. But Im going to keep calling you lot out for it.

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