Top 10 Sexiest Female Non-Human Characters In Video Games

WatchMojo: "Come on, admit it. Join WatchMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Female Non-Human Characters In Video Games. For this list, we’re taking female creatures from both a fantastical or sci-fi background and ranking them on how well their actions, attitudes and looks made gamers blush. On that note, characters like Bayonetta won’t be included since they’re technically still human, in the conventional sense."

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GrimDragon1165d ago

Shhhh don't wake up the feminist.

3-4-51165d ago

* And WatchMojo has NOTHING else better to right about ?

I could think of 20-30 topics easily that would be much more interesting to read and write about than this.

THIS is just another example of people who want to be taken seriously as "professional" but they are basically an E-Tabloid.

SouljAx3601165d ago

Sunflower from Conker's Bad Fur Day should have been on that list.

Sciurus_vulgaris1165d ago

They should take out the locust queen (who is human) and add the sexy sunflower.

Bimkoblerutso1165d ago

Why is Epona not on this list?

OhMyGandhi1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

"Link, what are you doing?!?"

SquidBuck1165d ago

Where tf is Ms. Pacman? I've heard she can fit anything in her mouth :D

linkenski1165d ago

Dumb list, but not because I think the subject is dumb.

They don't include Bayonetta because she's human in the "conventional sense" but they include Catherine. Logic.