What Microsoft Xbox One Needs To Do To Beat Sony PlayStation 4?

If you've been following the console wars of this generation, then you're already familiar with the on-going rivalry between Sony Corporation’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox One. A rivalry that has been going on since the fifth generation of consoles. However, it seems Sony has left Microsoft in the dust and raced ahead by selling the most consoles with its PlayStation 4.

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TheGreatGamer2616d ago

Xbox One will not outsell the PS4 at the end of this generation. The 'problem' for Microsoft is that PS4 has too much dominance in Japan and continental Europe where the Playstation brand has always done well. However, it's about 50/50 on who will end up selling more in North America by the end of this gen for me as it could swing either way. However, hardware sales aren't very important because both companies make their money from online subscriptions and software purchases so as long as both sell decently (which they both currently are) both companies will make a profit because most of their profit comes after the box is in your house. Release good exclusive games, features and support your fans and both Consoles will do well, regardless of who sells more.

playstation4epic2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Xbox is losing in every country in the world, so it's too late for Microsoft to turn anything around and with PS4 selling nearly triple the amount of Xbox one's they have no chance. The Playstation brand's name alone just sells itself and with 3rd party games better on PS4, Xbox has no chance.

underwaves752614d ago

tripling ... ? you wanna do better research

captainbigballs2616d ago

bruh microsoft is killing it in their own lane, they know they tripped in the beginning which is why sony got such a lead but the tango is different now.

its funny seeing these people bring up numbers and international stats too, wheres a pc elitist to quiet these fanboys when u need em?

both are making great games, lets focus on what's important.

2615d ago
joab7772616d ago

This article has nothing to do with what they can do. It even says that they wont. It just gives us a history lesson of the xbone's launch. Wtf!

ninsigma2615d ago

There's a lot of features on xbox that are only available to America. I think that will boost its sales in the region in comparison to other regions that dont have them.

Bnet3432615d ago

As long as they keep pumping out all these games, I'm good for this generation. I like underdog Microsoft better. Especially with Phil Spencer at the helm. I have both an Xbox One and a PS4 and in my humble opinion Xbox One is a clear choice in terms of quality games out right now. However, it is still early and we still need to see the PS4's big guns. We will see.

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Interloper2616d ago

Don't worry about beating Sony and work on your image, appeal and catering to all your fan bases :|

Bnet3432615d ago

I agree. They should not focus on that too much, but you know they will to a certain extent since Sony is a competitor. Underdog Microsoft is better for the fans. Look at all the games they are pumping out and fan services. It's refreshing to see. Just my opinion.

Sir_Simba2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )


They are catering to their fans, since leadership change Xbox honestly haas never looked better to me.
Going back to work soon, and get an xbox, I have to play crackdown, quantum break, and scalbound.
We got so many great games coming, I m just happy.

ninsigma2615d ago

Exactly! It's a more appealing package nowadays with some great games just around the corner. I can't see it outselling ps4 but if the owners of xbox 1 are happy then that's all that matters.

Bzone242616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The only hope to beat the PS4 is in the US where things haven't gotten too far out of hand sales gap wise.

Just as long as I keep getting great games, I couldn't care less about the Xbox beating the ps4.

stonecold32616d ago

wont happen ps4 already ahead of the pack this must be the 6th negative article in 1 week if xbox one going to out sell ps4 sorry but these articles need to stop coming. looking for hits

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