The long, convoluted story of the Metal Gear Solid saga (so far)


"Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is almost upon us, and with it comes closure to a decades-spanning saga. While the series has amassed a huge following over the years, for many people, The Phantom Pain will be their first exposure to a convoluted world filled with walking battlemechs and genetically-enhanced supersoldiers. It's not exactly the easiest story to keep track of, as characters and organizations often go by multiple names and are usually double- or triple-crossing one another. To make matters worse, the story is told out of sequence, so there are plenty of instances where series creator Hideo Kojima has retconned important events from past games in order to fit into the current, overarching plot."

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Ahytys1258d ago

Thank you for this. It's useful even to people like me who played all the games but tend to forget all the plot twists!

ISHU1258d ago

Yeah, the author did a good job keeping things as simple as he can.

Can't wait for Phantom Pain though!!!

ravens521258d ago

Yea thanks, can't wait until five drops!!!

bunt-custardly1258d ago

A solid read worth sneaking a peek even if you're a seasoned vet.

chrisx1258d ago

So chronologically, the next game they can make would be MGS 1 allover again with solid snake

Gatsu1258d ago

Yeah Solid Snake, but it would be a remake of the very first game, Metal Gear from 1987. Not MGS1.
Which I sort of dreamed of seeing some day, but not gonna happen with Kojima anymore :(.

In timeline Metal Gear happens 11 years after The Phantom Pain. TPP 1984 and MG's Outer Heaven Uprising is 1995.

MGS1 is 2005.

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