Xbox One Boss Logs 300+ Hours of Destiny

Xbox One boss Phil Spencer has played more than 300 hours of Bungie's shooter Destiny. That's according to a snapshot of his player profile captured by another Xbox executive, Mike Ybarra.

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maybelovehate1166d ago

I see him on Destiny quite a bit. He even raids haha. Pretty awesome.

christocolus1166d ago

Pretty cool. I like it when execs in game companies acually play games.

donthate1166d ago

Yeah, but hot dang Phil get to work and stop playing so much. We need more awesome Xbox announcements! :D

iDadio1166d ago

I respect anyone that can put themselves theough 295 hours of boredom, I'm hearing some good things about the new king material so maybe it will be what I always hoped it would be soon

Insomnia_841166d ago

I have Adam Boyes on my friends list and that's pretty much the only game he plays on PS4, too. Yoshida plays all kinds of games but mostly RPGs.

uptownsoul1166d ago


Why would anybody disagree with your post?

Mega241166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


because his on a Xbox article talking about Sony employees. Do you expect better from this site's users?

OT: Wonder if he ever did the loot cave... what am I saying, everybody did the loot cave or here comes the HIVE!!

nX1166d ago

Yoshida is probably the truest gamer amongst these executives. I have respect for anyone who was able to beat the defiled chalice dungeon after dying more than 50 times before completing it myself :D
300 hours of Destiny is another kind of impressive though, I don't understand how anyone can have fun with that game for so long.

Sevir1166d ago

Thats impressive!... And its pointless to argue over the disagrees, the subject at hand is Destiny Player time, and Phil has racked up 300+ hours. he mentions Adam Boyes because he's pointing out that He too as an exec plays Destiny... It isn't to start a pointless fanboy war.

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3-4-51166d ago

He gets to see, in real time, first hand, what IS and what IS NOT working with this and other games.

I like that he is " on the battlefield" with the gamers.

He isn't completely like one of us because none of us run major console making companies, but at least he is in tune with the very thing he has control over.

I feel so much better about the future of the xbox brand with Phil in charge than I even did with Ratrick.

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PistolsAtDawn1166d ago

I see him on there a lot, that and Forza...I always think I'm gonna invite him for a Raid.

TwoForce1166d ago

Well, no shit because destiny is very addictive.

Der_Kommandant1166d ago

Meanwhile Yoshida Platinum'd Bloodborne.

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