Hangar 13: Mafia III is an "unabashed single-player game"

Hangar 13 boss Haden Blackman talked to Gamereactor at Gamescom about all things Mafia III. Our interview is coming in its entirety on Monday, but until then here's the reason why the game will be single-player only.

"We're very focused on building up Lincoln as a character, so the game is really an unabashed single-player game," Blackman told Gamereactor. "There is no multiplayer. But that's really because we wanted to focus on putting you in this role of Lincoln, really develop him as a character, really nailing the cover-based shooting, the physics-based driving model.

"I love multiplayer games, but being able to play a game that's a very curated story that I'm helping to craft along the way, those are my favourite types of games, so that's what we're building."

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EDKICK1259d ago

Good a game that doesn't have to explain "no we're not really an MMO it's just about everyone being in the same world, doing the same things at the same time, you can play solo if you avoid everyone else"