5 Weird Video-Game Adverts

Advertisements for Video-games today replicate such quality you would think they were movies, although the small writing reminds us that “Not in-game footage” Despite this the adverts today are goosepimpling wonders, they definitely draw us in to purchase the game.

However, it’s not always been that way. Similar to games it has taken time for studios’ creative teams to make quality and effective adverts.

Let’s take a look at some video-game adverts that are just plain odd.

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GamerGabs1168d ago

What did I just witness? From crazy to scary, at what point did people think that any of those adverts were a good idea/representation of the games and their consoles?

hamshira1168d ago

I loved the david lynch esque style adverts for playstation!

Yukes1168d ago

Oh Nintendo, you have been beaten. Nothing like a bit of self-confidence though!

MrsNesbitt1168d ago

Oh god, that blooming baby!!

Joystickero1168d ago

Wow,this article made me uncomfortable in a good way! Great read!

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