Gaming or cleavage: What are we going to ChinaJoy for?

Throughout the history of ChinaJoy, showgirls have always been inseparable from the scene, but the carnival this year might have been a bit less exciting for those seeking exposed skin. On May 27th, an official announcement was issued to clarify the rumor from the powers that be declared that “breasts shall not be exposed more than two centimeters” meaning that there will be no more cleavage, navels or hips for ChinaJoy’s vigorous visitors. Would this be the nail in the coffin?

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Yi-Long1165d ago

... and it's ridiculous that it's been banned from the show.

chrisx1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Both. China has some real beautiful women..shame about their new less skin policy

5yb5n6u1165d ago

but its asian girls.
they had more mileage in gaming than your average american nerds

pompombrum1165d ago

If you want to see some skin, go to a strip club. I've never quite understood the need for showgirls in the first place, it's tacky.

Adrian_v011165d ago

They also banned show girls from car shows. I watched a documentary about it. As much as I agree that there's no need for them, a lot of girls will lose their job and some end up on the street because of the ban. They get payed between 3000-6000 dollars per show, for car shows at least. That's a lot to lose. Poor girls.

Bimkoblerutso1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Eh, whatever. If some dudes are so perpetually horny that they require the promise of boobs to be interested in a convention for GAMING, then the extra scenery doesn't really bother me.

Honestly it just makes me slightly uncomfortable thinking that there might be a bunch of dudes walking around with half a chub all over the place.

gamer78041165d ago

I personally don't understand why they have to make policies against them? Let your exhibitors decide how they want to represent their product and greet guests. Atleast to a reasonable degree...

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