Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

WM writes: "What is it about villainous characters that we love so much? Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Final Fantasy Villains. From the series' origins to its most recent instalments, we're examining every villain presented to find the ones that intrigue, infuriate, and impress us most. Before we continue, we're establishing a rule of one villain per game – for instance, while Kain and Golbez from Final Fantasy IV are impressive, we only have room for one of the game's antagonists."

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Epicor1171d ago

Great top 3. Kefka, Sephirot and Kuja surely are the best baddies in final fantasy franchise.

audiocafe1171d ago

Kuja has always been one of my favorite Final Fantasy villains. Glad he's gotten some love in this video, I think it's deserved. Also I completely agree with the top 3.

ameliabaz1170d ago

I agree! I think a lot of people brush off Kuja because of his girly design or they just flat out forget him, but IMO he was one of the most interesting, well written, and sympathetic villains in the whole series. Its a shame he doesnt get more love from fans.

Genova841171d ago

Kefka was delightfully insane. Just a fun guy to watch. And that laugh ... unnerving to say the least.

miyamoto1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

yup Kefka is No.1 in my book.
He is The Joker's counterpart in my opinion.
FF VI is the only FF game I finished 3 times.
It has the most epic and mature story in any FF.
Also FF VI has the most interesting non-emo characters. Truly a classic that needs an epic AAA remake.

Magicite1170d ago

Sin was pretty great, although its not a villain, but more like entity.

audiocafe1171d ago

Yes, I totally agree with number 1, and so glad number 3 and 7 are getting love in this list too.

slappy5081170d ago

Top 10 villians: Square Enix for not porting Final fantasy XII to PC yet they port XIII

zalanis1168d ago

im glad kefka made number 1 villain. but every other caracter got a nice showing. kefkas transformed version when he goes god mode shoulda been shown.