The verdict is in on Windows 10 gaming performance, compatibility


"Windows 10 is out, and at least 18 million people have already upgraded to Microsoft’s new OS. The launch chaos has subsided. If you’re still waiting for the upgrade option to appear in your system tray, click here to learn how to install now. But you should know what you’re getting out of Windows 10, particularly when it comes to gaming."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1263d ago

That was a very interesting article. Some people won't like what has to say...

Erik73571263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

3 fps increase omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg pc gaming will never be the same!

Ulf1262d ago

...with absolutely no change in hardware, and DX12 still down the road, I'd say that's nothing but awesome.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1262d ago


"with absolutely no change in hardware, and DX12 still down the road, I'd say that's nothing but awesome."

DX12 is included with the Windows 10 Operating System

Grap1262d ago

but no games support DX12 now.
educate yourself please don't spread your Ignorance.
3fps increase only because of OS is pure awesomeness.

Eonjay1262d ago

Perhaps then, windows 10... with dx12 should have launched with something that takes full advantage of it. I think that would be fair to ask.

When do you think we will see true DX12 games. I think Fable will be the first one. Perhaps that was reason to make it free to play.

RobLoPR1262d ago

You see... holiday is coming and Fable Legends will be the best promo for Windows 10, Xbox One and Dx12. I also believe that there are other games being worked on... but I dont see multiplats taking advantage of this... only first party games coming out of Microsoft Studios.

Pixelart1262d ago

Lol I can smell the fear

3fps is 10% in console 30 fps land!

In any event. There are no DX12 games on PC yet. Wait for them.

donthate1261d ago

Windows has been optimized for gaming for years, so squeezing anything extra out of it is amazing.

That said, the major increases will start to arrive with DX12 and major game developers are already talking about switching over completely to DX12 as a requirement.

If you don't, your competitors game will be very far ahead of you.

hoju691261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

As someone who skipped Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10 has a significant performance increase from Windows 7. I got about a 10-15 fps boost in The Witcher 3.

BeefCurtains1261d ago

Ummm, was any real PC gamer counting on windows 10 to change their gaming experience? I don't rely on my OS for that, I rely on my GPU...

But way to "burn" PC gamers with your comment. S/

UltimateMaster1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

3fps isn't a significant difference.
Know where to invest your money.

starchild1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Every little bit helps. And that's just from an OS change. People overclock their graphics cards for just a few more frames per second in some cases.

Obviously your graphics card has by far the biggest impact on your fps, but other components such as your processor, memory, hard drive/SSDs, PCIe bandwidth, OS, API, graphics drivers, etc can all impact the consistency and/or speed of frame delivery. It all adds up.

GameNameFame1261d ago

What fear?

This Dx12 only affects PC... and people who are playing on console never cared what performances are on PC to begin with.

With DX12 update, PC will have optimization like consoles. I say great, but dont really affect console gamers.

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Rookie_Monster1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

So Batman 5FPS increased from 118fps to 123FPS didn't entertain you? LOL

The real advantage will be when games start taking advantage of DX12 from the grounds up and using it, then we will see Windows 10 magic comes to fruition. No surprise with current DX11 or patched DX12 games not having any drastic differences between 10 and 8.

Eonjay1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Trust me 123 fps over 118 FPS wont entertain anyone becase no normal person will not be able to see the difference.

Rookie_Monster1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


"Trust me 123 fps over 118 FPS wont entertain anyone becase no normal person will not be able to see the difference."

Hmm, that was sarcasm when I said it. LOL

That is why I am referencing games won't see a huge difference until DX12.

camel_toad1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

After seeing an overall sameness in regards to framerates in test reviews I went ahead and upgraded yesterday. Its nice to just have something new especially since I stayed with windows 7 after 8 came out and so far the jump to 10 has been pain-free and Im enjoying the new features.

Cant wait to see what dx12 brings to games given the previews of performance gains.

Lon3wolf1262d ago

Nothing has been released that fully utilizes DX12 yet, Win 10 still uses DX11 for DX11 games (like Win 7 used DX9 + DX10 for those games even though 7 was DX11), of course it will take time to see the gains, not much different in watching consoles get updates to improve performance etc. over time.

1262d ago
christian hour1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I wonder how many of those 18 million upgraders are aware they just signed over their privacy rights and email and private folder content to Microsoft?

They're already facing a huge lawsuit from Digital Rights Ireland who are currently building up a case (we have AWESOME digital rights here, for example a lot of facebooks more invasive features are no longer present on the site when logging in from Ireland), will be an interesting few weeks/months/years? ahead :)

1261d ago
Dasteru1261d ago

You do not sign over anything. They collect the same information that they have been collecting for years. The same stuff that everyone else including Google, Facebook, Steam, etc, also collect. All of it can be prevented in the system settings also. It is not mandatory.

If you are still paranoid about it you can encrypt the OS drive also and then even if MS takes any files, they will not be able to do shit with it.

Peerblock & Veracrypt are a PC users best friends. Use them properly and not even the NSA will have a chance in hell of getting in.

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yuukiliu1262d ago

I cant use my trackpad, far it sucks.

SniperControl1262d ago

Cant use my Oculus Rift as well, which is really stupid as MS and Oculus have a partnership.

l33t_haxx0r1262d ago

You mean the DS4 trackpad? or your laptop trackpad? :D

yuukiliu1262d ago

My laptop trackpad. It just won't work. I managed to get it so I can move the mouse, but I can't click on anything. Incredibly frustrating. Yes, my usb mouse works, but I never use my laptop on a desk or for gaming so I just want to use the built in trackpad.

badz1491262d ago

upgraded from 8.1 to 10 on my laptop. I have few games installed as the laptop is still pretty new and I don't like gaming on a small screen but I tested with LEGO Marvel but man...does it suck!! the game crawls like a turtle!

dantesparda1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I can use my touchpad, but now i have to use 2 fingers to scroll the pages instead of one and i HATE THAT! Not to mention I've lost functionality. I am also having all sorts of issues with my graphics card drivers and i find the OS to be buggy as hell. I would advice people who aren't into this sh't to wait til all the bugs are worked out. Heck, i even had my sound and battery icon disappearing before i did fresh install. I had more functionality when i just did the upgrade then i did after i did the fresh install but its was buggier then than after the clean install, but its still buggy. Windows Update fails to update all the time and cant even be disabled. Heck even the ISO/image I download to do a fresh install with failed, it kept giving me a error message at mid install and i had to redownload it again just to make it work. But mind you, i couldnt get the Media Creation tool to work on a W7 machine so instead i had to do it on a already upgraded W10 system to do it. So be careful, if you do not know what you are doing then you could be in for a fun time.

If you like Windows 7 better than 8/8.1 than be hesitant upgrading to 10.

FragMnTagM1261d ago

try downloading the driver for it. I had a similar problem. But I used the driver tool on advanced system care and now it works.

sinspirit1261d ago

I can't use some of my laptops hotkeys. Which one of them disables my trackpad for when I use my mouse.

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SouljAx3601262d ago

Of course there's no difference. It's the same games, on what's pretty much the same OS. I like 10 more than 8.1 or 7, but what's under the hood isn't much different from 8.1. Once there are some Directx 12 games to test out, that's when you'll see any real improvements.

Father__Merrin1262d ago

Lol even PC fans saying "just wait till" lol

I predict dx12 games to be not much better than dx11

xTheMercenary_1262d ago

Oh how wrong you are. Better start researching the potential pc can receive going from DX11 to DX12.

Eonjay1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Well temper your expectations with what is known. DX12 has new graphical features, but the biggest improvements will be to cpu overhead and multithreading. This means more frames per second.
On high end builds DX11's biggest problem seemed to be that it made CPU's a rigs bottleneck.

xTheMercenary_1262d ago

@Eonjay You are absolutely correct, the main difference going from DX11 to DX12 is definitely the cpu overhead, with DX12 the gpu can now work with all cores of the cpu simultaneously whereas before one core was used at a time. Therefore, performance will increase quite a bit.

Lon3wolf1262d ago

If you mean not much better as in gameplay wise then you are correct but if you mean not much better in using resources more efficiently, then you are really wrong.

Lon3wolf1262d ago

I have lost my sound card (X-Fi /titanium) until Creative release drivers, no biggy back to on-board for now. Of course a whole new OS will take time to settle and improvements be made would be silly to think otherwise.

Lon3wolf1262d ago

Thanks, already tried the fixed unofficial drivers didn't play nice at all for me (glad someone is trying to get it sorted though as Creative are so bloody slow), hence had to go back to on-board for now.

Dasteru1262d ago

Luckily my Xonar D1 is working perfectly.

Lon3wolf1262d ago

Nice, biggest issue with x-fi is that you need the control panels working to choose Mic input as it's default is line in which you can't seem to change without the control panel, also I kept losing sound or it would just revert to 2.1 on its own (I always uncheck the allow apps exclusive control on my sound devices too). Xonar have always seemed to have better support from what I hear :D

RobLoPR1262d ago

Thumbs up to you... i come from the Atari age so I am very patient and understanding when it comes to technology... see when I was young we didnt have any of this.. so yes with tech pagience is a virtue you have my friend.

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