Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 – Is DriveClub Still King of the Wet Weather Effects?

A look at Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 in this video which focuses on which racer has the best wet weather effects.

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FallenAngel19841264d ago

Considering Forza 6 came out 1 year after Driveclub, I'd hope it has better weather effects.

nX1264d ago

From a pure visual perspective I don't see a competition here, I could even imagine Driveclub trumping Gran Turismo 7 in that regard as it only runs at 30fps with "simpler" driving physics.

Graphically Driveclub really was way ahead of it's time, I still use it to impress visitors lol

Septic1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Visually it does look great. Better than Forza? I'm not sure although I wouldn't be surprised although the large droplets aren't all that realistic. Im talking about the weather not general visuals.

But physics wise, I think Forza has it beat what with the 3D puddles and the way the wet surface has different properties depending on the kind of surface in question.

breakpad1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

are you f kidding me? ..Driveclub is unmatchable ...when i commented in a previous relative post that Driveclubs weather effects are still far better they hid my comment as troll its an article :/

nX1264d ago

How can you be not sure? Even my 6 year old niece could tell you which game comes closer to reality. I'm sorry to burst that bubble but Forza still looks too cartoonish to be considered "photo realistic" and when it finally comes to weather effects it doesn't hold a candle to Driveclub.

Ezz20131264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


I think this is the first time i 100% disagree with you
DriveClub is just too much when it come to graphics.

I don't even think GT7 will dethrone it.

Muerte24941264d ago


Go watch the video again. Driveclub rain effects are physics-based. I think it was the interior view scene. Driveclub also has higher resolution car models. That aside, what Turn 10 managed to achieve on Xbox One is pretty amazing.

Let us not forget that Forza 6 is still using pre-baked lighting and Driveclub's lighting is fully dynamic.

GHOSTxx4201264d ago

Game was so crap. Whocares about graphics game played just like need for speed forza 6 will be better to those who love simulators and im sure the weather effects will be on point.

freshslicepizza1264d ago

driveclub should look better, it's running at half the frame rate, has less cars onscreen and the ps4 is a bit more powerful.

is it strange to like both games?

FATAL1TY1264d ago

Driveclub wins

forza 6 = forza 5 DLC

ZhukNasimPog1264d ago

@ fatality troll

Drive club = best graphics 10/10, small selection of cars, no real world tracks, arcade racing, 30 fps, 12 cars on track.

Forza 6 = 8/10 graphics, huge range of cars, real world tracks, more realistic handling models. 60 fps , 24 cars on track, car editor such as customers paint jobs, upgrades

ABizzel11264d ago

Forza 6 looks a lot better than Forza 5, but when it comes to graphics and weather effects DC is still king on consoles.

One thing that's better about Forza's weather is that it has a higher degree of gameplay effects simply because it's puddles can get bigger and cause more hydroplaning (yah for realism, but annoying for actual races).

shloobmm31264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I still dont think DC looks that great and the fact that in F6 all the rain drops are physical and each has its own physics means its a no brainer. F6 all the way.

inveni01264d ago

The physics on Driveclub's drops is much better. That being said, Forza has time to improve. Even Driveclub didn't have weather at release.

TRU3_GAM3R1264d ago

driveclub dose have the best weather effects but that's it..

GameNameFame1263d ago

@Septics comment

Really not surprised to hear that from him. He really is in his own bubble.

Clunkyd1263d ago

Driveclub still has the best visuals out of any racing game, Period! I've never seen so much attention to detail put on to these car models and environments.

Kombatologist1263d ago

Driveclub still has THE best weather effects I've ever seen in a racing game. But what good are fancy weather effects if they don't effect the handling of the car whatsoever?

XBLSkull1263d ago

Forza lets cars hydroplane, as far as I know Drive Club doesn't. Not even a competition, Forza has much better weather effects.

DarkOcelet1263d ago



Seriously guys, if you can't see that Driveclub looks much better in terms of weather effects or graphics then you need to wear glasses.

mcstorm1263d ago

I still don't get why we keep seeing this. Forza MS DC and Horizon are all different types of games and should be compared to the same game types. Its like putting gears vs halo because they have guns.

The way I look at this is Forza Ms is a sim game so they should look at games like GT and Project Cars.
Horizon is a open world game so the one game made by ubisoft as I can't remember the game.
DC is a arcade racer so game like ridge racer etc are what should be put again DC.

DC dose look better when you put them side by side but if you take out just looks what Turn10 have done with Forza 6 is amazing having 60fps, 24 cars on track and wet tracks as well as the other things done by a sim game.

BumpFrankie1263d ago

When looking at Driveclub's rain it appears the water droplets were randomly appearing then disappearing whereas on Forza each water droplet that hit stayed and moved in a real physical manner. Not to say that it's a complaint or anything on DC's part, they both look absolutely fantastic, it serves no real purpose in comparing the two.

morganfell1263d ago

People should really think about history...

Drive Club is a released product whose graphical fidelity is verifiable by the public. Nothing else need to be said.

egidem1263d ago

I'd have to go with Driveclub.

I get blown away by the attention to small details that they've put into the game.

Notice for example how the rain droplets on the windshields react to the oncoming wind and also to the car when it moves left and right.

Godmars2901263d ago

Expect that anything Drivclub has done has now become the benchmark for GT7 to match and exceed. That if it doesn't, and for each point it doesn't, pro-Xbox fans will be all over it. Even more so than comparisons for anything Forza is offering.

TheXgamerLive1263d ago

Hahaha you must be joking. They both looked beautiful BUT only 1 had real world cars and 1 ONLY had nothing but black and gray cars.
And at only 30fps it still cant pull off real world color?
And it was in the making some what 4 years? While its a good game, in the real world it coulndt hold FORZA 6 jock. 30 fps is hilarious. Forza Horizon does that and its an OPEN WORLD RACER!!!

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FallenAngel19841264d ago

Wait Driveclub had undoubtedly better weather effects than Forza 6? If so that's an incredible feat for Evolution Studios.

DonkeyDoner1264d ago

still better looking as well ...
and they gonna say DC only 30fps
cant win against fanboy

Volkama1264d ago

Visually I'd expect Driveclub to look better. Technically Forza 6 is more impressive. Twice the framerate, twice as many cars, a but load more calculations on the physics engine, and all on the categorically weaker hardware.

The fact Forza 6 looks anywhere close to Evolution's level of visual accomplishment us a huge achievement from Turn 10.

Muerte24941264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


Every droplet of Driveclub's rain is physics based, unlike Forza 6. Even Slightly Mad Studios gave Evolution the nod when it came to their weather effects.

Check the gif

Volkama1264d ago

Don't recall saying Driveclub's weather wasn't good. Possibly because that's not something I said.

dcbronco1264d ago

It's easy to focus on graphics, rain physics and lighting but it's better to focus on driving physics on a driving simulation. Plus considering many are using driving games for online leagues and competition the number of cars matters more than how well a raindrop flows across a windshield.

If you're driving for fun fine. But if you're looking for driving realism it's not like DC was really intended to compete with Forza and GT. Enjoy your wet windshield.

Muerte24941263d ago


"A look at Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 in this video which focuses on which racer has the best wet weather effects."

Really!? it's literally right under the title.

Volkama1263d ago

@Muerte2494 You are correct, it is right under the title. In the title as well. Also in the video, most probably. It could be tattooed on your armpit for all I care, it still wouldn't be something I said.


UkrainianWarrior1263d ago

How is it a feat to Evo studios? They are working with more powerful hardware, have half the cars on screen, less physics processing and half the frame rate..

Do you realize that Forza 6 pushes TWICE the pixels on screen each second?

Driveclub = 1920x1080x30 = 62 million pixels on screen per second

Forza = 1920x1080x60 = 124 million pixels on screen per second

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Erik73571264d ago

But the thing is...driveclub was in development for years...not 1 1/2 years like every forza title....

And driveclub is 30fps while forza is 60...allowing driveclub to focus more on visuals and less on performance.

DonkeyDoner1264d ago

"driveclub was in development for years...not 1 1/2 years like every forza title"
then why milk it??

nX1264d ago

Why would you compare development times to prove a point? Shouldn't you as a customer only be interested in what the final product offers for your money?

Erik73571264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Development time is used as a point because it often indicates quality and it shows with games like fallout and others

Then why milk what?Forza?Idk ask Microsoft...I would assume it's for money?

All I did was reply to the guy to tell him why I think driveclub had better graphics

sizeofyou1264d ago

Driveclub was built from the ground up and would take longer.
Forza is an 'evolution' (see what I did there) of an existing franchise and should be quicker.

By the by, they're both fantastic franchises for their respective platforms and people will love and hate both...

jukins1264d ago

Yea because the forza 6 engine was just made yesterday. . .

sizeofyou1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Yep...I said it was done yesterday... ;)
Apologies jukins...assume you're referencing the original comment!

On the plus side, it's nice to see progression on the sequels in this generation. I did worry that the obvious progression on software in last gen wasn't going to happen with this one; thought that the limits of hardware would be reached earlier...

kenshiro1001263d ago

Please tell me you're not serious.

IamTylerDurden11263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Driveclub was a new ip built ground up, engine, everything. Forza releases every year and they already have an engine and foundation to build off. All Forza has to do is optimize the engine and game a lil.

If a new Driveclub came out every year or every 1.5 years then u would see even the gorgeous Driveclub improving as well. Each new Driveclub game would add something as well and they would improve the engine, you'd see even better visuals, more cars ect.

Driveclub is damn impressive for a new ip, atm Driveclub is a fantastic game. Driveclub also boasts beautiful Dynamic lighting while Forza has pre-baked lighting, Driveclub has much more detailed higher fidelity cars, DC has a much better sense of speed, more detailed surroundings, more ppl in the stands, more impressive weather, more dynamic day/night ect. DC has full 3D clouds ect while Forza uses a painted sky.

Forza uses tricks to achieve 60fps and therefore it suffers in other areas, Forza still looks cartoonish as well. DC still destroys Forza in grfx, obviously weather as well. Anyone who thinks DC drives like NFS is a fool.

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NinjaNick1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Forza 6 = 90-95% of Driveclub graphical flair, 300% of Driveclub physics processing and 200% of cars on screen at 200% the framerate. Seems like Forza is the more impressive one here.

That's a whole lot of extra overhead in the Forza game, which, if eliminated, would make the slightly better rain effects of DC very, VERY easy to implement...

I imagine Horizon 3 will set a new bar for arcade racers when it comes out.

nX1264d ago

Your comment is at around 67% nonsense though.

bf0007779661264d ago

You 100% need to see an eye doctor

SCW19821264d ago

This comment is 100% retarded. Are you 10 years old bro?

EDKICK1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

If you guys can't see the truth in @NinjaNick 's comment then your just being ignorant I'm sorry.This article is asking which looks better and as an Xbox1 owner and Forza fan I can admit Driveclub definitely looks better but comments are saying DC is a better game than F6 which isn't true for many reasons. 1. It was broken for months, it was a disaster, nobody lets MCC or AC Unity off the hook for it so why DC. 2. Forza is locked at 1080p 60fps DC isn't. 3. F6 rain and puddle effect react with the track realistically with puddles forming in realistic ways and different road surfaces reacting differently to the rain DC doesn't. 4. Forza 6 is launching with 450 cars DC launched with 50 and Forza has full customization DC does not. 5. Forza 6 has 26 real world tracks DC has a bunch of fake tracks and claims it has 55 tracks but that's including 2-4 different versions of each track. 6. Forza has 24 cars on track DC has 12. Forza wins in every single thing besides graphics and thats just facts. And you guys respond "your comment is 67% nonsense" and "comment is 100% retarded" wow really clever, though his percentages aren't accurate the point he is making is. Again if you want to be ignorant fanboys about it whatever, just stating facts, but I'm sure I'll get a bunch of disagrees.

extermin8or1263d ago

these things you use to put forza 6 up were things that apparently didn't matter when forza 5 launched.... (smaller garage of cars etc) and his comment is nonsense because of the physics comment- the fact each raindrop has seperate physics on driveclub means it likely actually has more physics=the driving style in the games is deliberately designed to be different and yes drive club is less realistic in this respect. But frankly if number of cars, tracks, real life tracks and such were your main reasons to want forza- you might aswell just get new gran turismo whenever it arrives as everyone knows they tend to have the most realistic [physics etc.)

PrinterMan1263d ago

Not really valid points as perhaps the desired outcome by the developers were different. Why Criticize either for having doing a different game?

However, Forza does not even come close the the visuals of Drive Club. However, as stated, perhaps that was not the developers ambition. Just my 2 cents. I mean nickles worth as there are no longer pennies in Canada. Dag nab it!

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ic3fir31264d ago

forza 6 60fps vs 30fps DC, and yet it is very close to DC

BG115791263d ago

Try to take a picture in DC using photo mode.
Stops the game as like as time would have stop.
Travel with the camera in every way possible.
Go up to the clouds to see that those are realised in 3D and not simple 2D renderings...
Check out the rain drops or the snow that are falling. Not counting with the car details, interiors and exteriors of each cars.
There are so many details, it is maddening!!!

Magicite1264d ago

up until now Driveclub has the best weather in any racing game hands down and I dont see this changing for a while, maybe PC version of next NFS?

lvl_headed_gmr1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

To even compare the 2 is an insult to Forza 6.

Forza 6 is 1080p 60fps LOCKED!!
Complete physical AND mechanical damage
Total custimization cosmetic AND mechanical
More cars and car manufacturers
Sim physics
3D puddles that produce hydroplaining
Better AI and more of it

The list goes on but I don't want to bore people.

DriveClub recieved terrible reviews for a reason. Even with DriveClubs year delay, it still scored lower then Forza 5 which was a rushed Forza to meet the launch date.

With all that which Forza does that DriveClub can't Forza STILL looks better imo but both look fantastic. Forza 6 isn't even using DX12. Now when all the physics and damage are offloaded to the Cloud like Crackdown and DX12 is used, Forza 7 will once again raise the bar for driving a point that will be way beyond what Sony will be able to do.

Forza has yet to be dethroned as the best racing sim on consoles.

bf0007779661264d ago

Is it too hard for you just admit that driveclub looks better

kayoss1264d ago

How can forza be dethrone when it never owns it? That honor goes to gran turismo.

SlyFoxC1263d ago

but they arent comparing the gameplay @lvl_headed_gmr...they are comparing weather effects...

take from your name and get a level head.

vergilxx31263d ago

lol forza 6 there is only 1 drive club if there'll be drive club 2 you'll need forza 12 to reach the same level haha

Ezz20131263d ago


Your name does not fit all your comments at all.

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Lennoxb631264d ago

Forza is going for graphics AND realism. Driveclub only went for graphics so of course it would have an edge in the graphics department. Driveclubs physics are that of Need for Speed almost (Not that that's a bad thing).

Muerte24941263d ago

He's clearly comparing the weather effects. I don't understand why so many of you guys are trying to move the discussion to something else. Is it because you don't like the answer? Driveclub has a better weather system than Forza and Project Cars, move on.

Forza is 60fps because they don't have the dynamic lighting system that Driveclub has.

UKmilitia1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

driveclub looks realer than real imo,i didnt think i would ever see weather as good as that in a game.

it blows me away every time i see it.
fanboy hate is crazy when you cant say "well done" for making something so spectacular.

also the 30fps i dont think u notice as they have got that real sense of speed in it too.
i think it will be hard to top DC and i dont know what someone would have to do to top it because i think they nailed every single aspect of weather with it.

also when on interior view i think it makes F6 look kinda cartoony,dont get me wrong the game looks amazing and will prob be better than DC but in terms of visuals its not lvl with it.

ZhukNasimPog1263d ago

So Sony fans keep saying. It's always "if it isn't 60fps is not next gen (uncharted fanboys before 30fps - gate.)" Now when a Sony exclusive is 30fps we now hear..It's as good as 60 fps.

UKmilitia1263d ago

@zhuk when did i say as good as?

i said i dont think u notice its 30fps as it has a good sense of speed.

read before you comment,always helps.

IamTylerDurden11263d ago

U don't have to give a caveat "but it'll probably be better than Driveclub" bc ur worried about disagrees and appearing balanced.

Have u played the full version + season pass of Driveclub lately? Driveclub is a masterpiece as it currently sits, Evo/Sony turned Driveclub from a racer w/potential and massive server problems into a fully realized next-gen experience.

IamTylerDurden11263d ago

Driveclub has the best weather fx easily.

Forza 6 isn't out yet, so comparing a game that shipped to a game that is only showing bumped up pre-release footage is misleading. Even so, Driveclub has better visuals/weather.

Driveclub is a fantastic game atm.

lvl_headed_gmr1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I Love that a game has to be all grey with no colour in order to look "realistic".

DriveClub is just a glorified visual demo with zero substance. Rain on a windshield doesn't move like that when turning to either side. I have never seen that happen in all my 20 years of driving.

DriveClub is like a afternoon soap opera on TV...all just over acting in a bad scene with other bad over actors trying to one up the other with fake drama.

This is why DriveClub is an arcade and Forza is a sim.

Looking forward to GT's release so Forza can once again stomp on that series throughout another generation.

t-hall7851263d ago

Who cares Driveclub can have weather effects. Forza is king of everything else.