The Xbox One Official Storage: An Expensive Relic Of The Previous Generation

TTZ: Is this 2 TB Seagate-Microsoft collaboration worth the asking price?

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warrior821170d ago

not worth it...but not a bad marketing move by MS.

sashimi1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

How is it not a bad marketing move when its not worth it???.... Owell its basically taking advantage of the uninformed :P

Insomnia_841170d ago

"its basically taking advantage of the uninformed"

From the article: "Is Microsoft really insulting our intelligence?"

It's MICRO$OFT ffs! How is this even surprising??

NeoGamer2321170d ago

This is no different then car manufacturers that sell "official" car parts to consumers.

Some people want the "official" stuff because it is tested more thoroughly and supported by the manufacturer as configured.

Other people know they can get the same thing cheaper and are willing to pay less knowing it hasn't been tested as much in this configuration and is not supported by the manufacturer.

There is nothing wrong with that... Other than the dumbass consumers that fall for it.

Jayszen1170d ago

er.."not worth it" but still a good marketing move! Right so getting screwed is fine as long as it good marketing by the screwer of choice...

Perhaps if the console is better designed so that a new version would allow users to upgrade the hard disk themselves (as on the PS4) would be a even better marketing move, but I guess that would not allow Microsft to make money off the uninformed or the inexperienced.

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Rookie_Monster1170d ago

At least it is only an option and my $60 2t WD passport drive is working fine the way it is with my XB1

Bigpappy1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Correct. It is an option. M$ knows that people can get it cheaper. This is for others who may be confused and need an option provided by M$. Some people are like that. They like to stay with the brand and would pay a bit more for that comfort. I would, of course, would op for a better value in the market.

Rookie_Monster1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Very true. The only real accessories that I don't get other brand for of course are the controllers.

Lucky those memory cards from the PS2 era are long gone as those I could never fully trust third party brand except for the more expensive Sony official memory card. Lol

DaleCooper1170d ago

I think you hit the nail on the head. If it's officially licensed people will know it works with their console. Even though there may be cheaper options, they won't have to bother with researching what's compatible.

Trekster_Gamer1170d ago

I paid 130 for a WD 4 Terabyte.
Great speed, oh so much room!
No swapping drives, just plug it in and enjoy USB 3.0 speed!

DaleCooper1170d ago

I got a 3Tb hooked up to my xb1. I love no longer having to worry about what to install and what to remove. I just download everything, it's very convenient.

Kingoftherodeo1170d ago

another bad idea seems like Sony and Microsoft are just making bad investments this past week. sony with its projector and Microsoft with this overpriced hard drive. microsoft is banking on having this in retailers right next to the console. how many times do you go to walmart/target or another major retailer and have harddrives right next to a gaming console section? i think bestbuy might be the only store

usually you have to go a few aisles over to find it. now casual gamers will see this thing in side the game glass case or accessories rack and will buy it just for being conveniently there rather than look for it

fanboysmackdown1170d ago

So what's that got to do with you then? Are you Consumer Supersaverman out to save the casual gamers day? It's called choices there bub. We all can shop around and if certain people are impulse buyers, how does that affect your life?

DaleCooper1170d ago

I think MS just licensed the hdd, meaning Seagate put up all the money for manufacturing and MS just sits back and collects royalties on whatever sells.

Sony, though, must have had to put some big money into that projector. I think it's gonna do about as well as their PS branded 3d tv. :/

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