RPG Maker MV first details, trailer, and screenshots

Enterbrain has released the first details, trailer, and screenshots for its newly announced RPG Maker MV, the next entry in its RPG-making tool for computers, coming to PC and Mac this winter (in English, too).

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Clown_Syndr0me1168d ago

I used to love RPG Maker like 10 years ago. No idea they still made them!

DevilOgreFish1168d ago

my only real problem with the franchise is that they haven't really moved on technology wise, i mean It looks good on mobile devices. I remember loving the idea of it back on the playstation many, many years ago. then popular Jrpgs started looking better and you wanted to emulate those type of games.

Dark_king1168d ago

I agree sad but RPG Maker 3 for ps2 made me think they would go in the right direction yet they never did.Still to this day waiting for another one to come out like that one.

Joel22111168d ago

Wow I also remember making games or at least trying to make games on RPG maker, downloading different sprites and music lol. There were some people who made some awesome games.

JevonDee1168d ago

Oh man finally a side view battle system. If only those were around when rpgmaker95 was out and I had nothing but time on my hands to make a game.

DiscoKid1168d ago

The previous version had sideview support.

Dark_king1168d ago

Can't remember if vx and ace had side view natively are if I had to use a script to make it.Though most probably used Yanfly are Victors scripts for animation effects anyway.

LordStig1168d ago

I remember RPG maker 2003 edition had side view combat.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1168d ago

I am still making my game in VX Ace. After I finish my current one I will move on to this engine.