Until Dawn Gamescom 2015 Demo Analysis

Scott Russell writes: "In Until Dawn, British indie outfit Supermassive Games look set to deliver an interactive – and authentic – teen slasher flick. That’s certainly the impression the upcoming survival horror title left me with when I finally got my hands on a playable version at Gamescom 2015. During the demo, I played a brand new scene involving a whiny adolescent girl, a toppling tower of death and a flock of strange reindeer. While the episode characterised its central protagonist, Emily, as an annoying hindrance, it still managed to remain gripping throughout, with tension, ridiculous folly and stressful decision-making."

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Sir_Simba1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I'm acctually surprised on how much this game is gripping people, I thaught it wouldve been slaughtered before it even released.

I'll definitely support it. I urge you to do so too.

ifistbrowni1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I badly want to pre-order this, but I kinda wanna wait to see what the play-time is like. I wouldn't mind 8-12 hours if it's a replayable as it seems.

Marty Sleeva (spelling?) from IGN said he played like a 90 minute demo and collected about 1/3 of the collectibles, which in turn might mean the game is about 5 hours long depending on play style.

Gears of War and Until Dawn on the same day... my poor bank account.

BitbyDeath1166d ago

Game has already been confirmed to last around 9 hours.

ifistbrowni1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

@Bitby, confirmed by who? The developers? If so, developer estimates are always inflated.

BitbyDeath1165d ago

Confirmed at an early preview, not sure who I'd guess either reps or devs.

But since so much can change with the game their will be no exact amount. Could be more or less for different playthroughs.

BitbyDeath1166d ago

'Emily even hopes that someone friendly is going to come to their rescue. Oh Emily… what a sweet, misguided girl.'

Haha, love it.
Glad this game is getting a ton of good press.
2 1/2 more weeks to go.

Ezz20131166d ago

Watching the gameplay
It's like the Jason Game that i always wanted.

1166d ago
ClayRules20121166d ago

This game looks bloody fantastic. I can't wait for everyone to get to play this & hear the different outcomes.

I believe Until Dawn will be a success.

I hope i'm successful in saving these 8 friends, okay, some friends, okay just 1 friend even will make me happy. I can't accept failure, like when I failed in Heavy Rain. Still hurts =(

jb2271165d ago

I always fail on the first playthrough in games like gut reactions typically pan out to be the wrong ones haha...I'm just hoping the changes are distinct enough and the gameplay is compelling enough to really force me to keep going back and searching for my perfect outcome. This game could be a big sleeper hit for sure.

ClayRules20121165d ago

Oh man, i'm glad somebody knows how I feel then lol. Sorrow you have that kinda luck though. I believe it will be a sleeper it. I'm so excited for it.

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