10 Video Game Characters That Would Make Better Republican Presidential Nominees

It’s that time of the… Year? Again. Blaine swears, every year presidential candidates get picked earlier and earlier. Remember the 2012 election? Before the votes came in, people were talking about next year’s presidential nominees! The debates are happening and frankly game characters would be much better presidents.

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breakpad1193d ago

haha ...i presume you mean MGR:R -Armstrong ? then +bubble

PistolsAtDawn1193d ago

ANYONE would be better than another Democrat

poppinslops1193d ago

Including Trump?

I'm not American, but even I can see that Hill-Dog's got it in the bag... that said, I can't wait for the debates - it's gonna be the funniest showdown since Gore vs Bush.

O.T: Aside from his 'foreign' accent, Emir Var Emries (the Witcher) would be perfect... unrepentant, vaguely incestuous and obsessed with ruling the world.

Tedakin1193d ago

Hilary's issue is she's completely unlikable and overloaded with scandals. But she's also a woman, and many people will vote for her for that reason alone. But there's still over a year left for every candidate to implode.

1193d ago
PistolsAtDawn1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

A week ago I never thought I'd say this, but YES, even Trump...esp if he picks a good running mate. Either way, we need to get rid of career politicians. I notice that all of my favorites to win so far are NOT career politicians. Something is wrong if the Clinton's net worth is $500 Million dollars, and they've only ever been politicians...and Hilary has been involved in scandals since here first day in politics (Watergate)...all the way through today.

I'm not about to get the pom poms out for Trump, but what the US Government needs now is a boot camp/shake up...someone that doesn't need to take kickbacks, has no loyalties to lobbyists or party lines....just get stuff done and stop making America to the weakest denominator...THAT IS one area where Trump would be a good fit....there are definitely some grey areas in his portfolio though.

@Tyler...thanks for proving your opinion should be disregarded. You clearly have a narrow view of the world...and you've already stereotyped everyone (For the record, GWB funded more Stem Cell research than EVERY other president combined...nice fail). However, YES, I am an Xbox fan...and PS fan and Nintendo fan and PC fan...not sure what that has to do with anything though...

@Bruce I see the point you are making, but to add to the conversation, Hilary's popularity has dropped 10% in a week...and Bernie is gaining on her...true, she still has a sizeable lead for the Dem party, but it's trending away from that at lightning speed...esp with the talks that Biden may get into this (hard to believe people would vote for Hilary or Biden...just shows they don't pay attention I guess).

....if Hilary wins I'm moving to South Korea

poppinslops1193d ago

'grey areas'?

He's a megalomanic (his bedroom is literally made of gold)... He's not doing this for America - he's doing it for himself.

I can't think of anybody less in-touch with the average person than Donald Trump... not since Michael Jackson died.

Erik73571193d ago

It already happened......Donald trump made hilarious one liners

XBLSkull1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Yep happens in cycles, republicans do good for a while, mess some stuff up, a democrat wins, everyone realizes the mistake of a democrat president and back to republicans. Somewhere on the stages yesterday our next president stood... just don't know which one yet. The truth to this article is that there are so many young people with no clue about politics and world issues that they make articles about video game characters being president. Completely uninformed, uneducated, sad, and unfortunately, probably has the right to vote. Living in a fantasy world and not the real one.

1192d ago
poppinslops1192d ago

Who says I support her?

I said she'd win... I stand by that.

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IamTylerDurden11193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Let me guess ur an xbone fan?

Edit: for the sake of not starting a war, wars are bad.

The father in cod Ghosts would be a good candidate, the profit from Bioshock inf, Krieg from BL2, anyone? Vaas?

1193d ago
Hiro1931193d ago

*cackling maniacally*

My sides

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IamTylerDurden11193d ago

Even if they amend the constitution and allow GWB to run again? He would be better? Riiight...

Any xbox higher up would fit the bill, rich older conservative white men, who are partial to money.

Penguin from the Arkham games.

Kevin Spacey from cod.


PistolsAtDawn1193d ago

Please tell me you aren't old enough to vote, or you're from another country...or a felon...or too stoned to vote.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Hey maaan, that's like... I forget, what are we talking about?

Oh s*** I tripped over the millions of tax dollars made by one state alone legalizing, oops, guess they forgot that there, too stoned. Cut the stereotype BS, this is 2015 not 1932 (because unless you think he's to drunk too, you're a hypocrite)

Pistols, I must give you props you (unlike MANY we know on this site) looked at various points of different potential leaders and made an informed decision, not even being sarcastic. That said I wouldn't vote in the American system, no one I think is fit in either party and being a left minded person I actually must agree trump is your best bet because of his immunity to lobbyists.

I'm from Canada luckily, while you have 30 people who will f*** you over if they win I've only got one ;)

Too bad he's Prime Minister...

captainexplosion1193d ago

@[email protected]
Where are you getting this $500 million figure? That is completely wrong. Maybe use Google before sounding so ignorant. They are worth $55. Could have been worth a lot more except they have focused a lot on Clinton Global Initiative and politics rather than giving paid speeches. Bill Clinton was the best president in my life time and the two worst have been W Bush and Reagan. Trump is awful and anyone who would vote for him is a fool.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I used Google and this came up, as well as the statement saying they were at 50 in 2010 but are now at 5-25 million.

Not sure which is right, but it's no where near 500

Erik73571193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Well trump is gonna win the republican nomination because he appeals to the idiotic radical 1/2 of the republicans and I'm not gonna vote for that idiot. Even if he doesn't win he will run third party and screw it up for who ever wins republican nomination.....some republicans can't believe he is in the lead but they forgot that the republican party is home to some of the most stupid people of our society....

Hilary will not voting for the party that suck up to the NRA and preach about jesus and god every few sentences. It's also funny when they complain about debt but speak of making army bigger and drastically increasing border security. What is even more funnier is they criticize iran deal and say it will give them nukes but does not say how because they actually know nothing of the deal and use it as a scare tactic.

Iran deal:
The deal actually limits the nuclear program they have now and reduces it. It introduces heavy monitoring and spying on them and slowly lifts other sanctions off the country but the sanctions can be brought right back on at any time. They have a better chance of developing a nuclear weapon right now than without that deal.

Donald trump speaks of crime and rape but statistics show that there is less crime committed by illegals than legal americans themselves! Just goes to show how he can say anything at a republican debate and no one will contradict him. He just uses illegal immigration to scare republicans and republican politicians like this because hispanics don't vote for republicans other than the Cubans.

Oh and the idea of sending troops back in the middle east to fight in vain again? I don't support that. What will happen will be even more debt and a new terriost group will reappear a few years later. Know why? Because instead of spending money on development and pursuing deals like the Iran deal we decide to blow up towns and breed even more terrorism. Terrorism exist in the middle east because it is a sh!t hole and that's because we keep on supporting wars over there....the only real way to stop isis is to actually help develop the countries and build infrastructure.

Oh and the debt thing? Republicans use this as a scare tactic again. Are debt per gdp is nothing compared to other countries.....many countries all around the world have higher debt per gdp really compared to our economy our debt is nothing compared to countries like China, Russia,Japan,etc.........

Why are we supporting less background checks for guns?IDK ask republican party....why are we supporting weapons used for massacres and not defense?Idk ask the republican party. For this we have some of the most massacres compared to any other first world country.

Republican party is the party of ignorance.

SquidBuck1193d ago

So you want another democrat in office, because Obama has done so much good for the United States /s

Stringerbell1192d ago

Trump is great because he is the living embodiment of the GOP. Don't worry though because no one at that 'debate' has any chance of winning the presidency. Personally I'd like to see Bernie Sanders win the nomination. As he is actually talking about the issues that matter.

Meanwhile Trump's popularity only proves one thing that the Idiocracy movie is fast becoming a reality. When the big talking point of a debate is Trump talking about Rosie O'Donnell, not education, jobs, wealth inequality, the vanashing middle class but 'I say what I want deal with it sucka' run for the hills.

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Zodiac1193d ago

Are you sure better is the right word? The word 'better' implies even a minimal level of decency to improve upon.

1193d ago
cpayne931192d ago

I hate the party system. Just invokes a bunch of mud slinging assholes who won't shut up about how dumb the other side is and how great their party is.

Stringerbell1193d ago

Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, hell any boss from a 2-d fighter would do well in a republican primary. Except Seth, screw that guy.

IamTylerDurden11193d ago

Visari maybe?

I got it! Torgue, Mister Torgue. Mister Torgue is the embodiment of the Republican party. A little more guns and a little more f***** AWESOME! Will fix this country. Vote Mister Torgue today!

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