Stealth and Shadows: The Stealth Action Games You Need To Play

PS4Home: "Get ready to learn that learning to hide doesn’t mean giving up; in the case of these three games, it just means you’re getting ready to strike."

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IamTylerDurden11263d ago

Deus Ex HR was awesome, but a MGS inspired stealth game hits PS4/pc August 18th in Volume.

Yi-Long1262d ago

The Arkham games have great stealth as well. Some great Challenge Rooms where you'll have to use the whole environment to you advantage to stay hidden while taking out your opponents, while there's also a speedrun element to it... which is awesome.

Juiceid1262d ago

Splinter Cell is awesome for this. Shadow of Mordor and the newer Tomb Raider games are so much fun playing with stealth.