Arslan: The Warriors of Legend for PS4, Xbox One and PS3 Gets 4 New Trailers Showing Elam and Battle

Today Koei Tecmo released a batch of four new trailers of Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, that will be released in the west next year for PS4, Xbox One and PS3.

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PhoenixUp1170d ago

Pretty odd that Xbox 360 is getting left out considering there's a PS3 port.

SolidGear31170d ago

Alot of these type of games never get localized for 360. Most of these are usually PS4 and Vita and occasionally PS3.

Sly-Lupin1170d ago

Because anime games are popular on Xbox?

PhoenixUp1169d ago

Yet the game is still coming to Xbox One, which has a smaller Japanese install base than Xbox 360.

Spotie1169d ago

That doesn't make any sense, either, but it's no surprise it's on PS3.

PhoenixUp1168d ago

I already know why its on PS3. I just find it strange that its on X1 but not 360 considering which platform has the bigger Japanese install base. Or how its on X1 but not Wii U for that matter considering Nintendo has the greater Japanese presence.

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fuzzyinthepants1170d ago

I got an xbox one and I don't even watch this anime but I think I'm going to buy this game. just because I like KT games