Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Gamescom 2015 Demo Analysis

Scott Russell writes: "In June, Sony presented a new look at Uncharted 4 during their E3 press conference. Its dynamic car crushing scenario had Drake and Sully racing down a built-up hillside, avoiding an armoured vehicle through crowded alleyways and griping like a married couple every step of the way. Despite it appearing to have a sprawling openness with branching pathways, some feared that the level in question was heavily funnelling Drake's vehicle down a strict and linear path.

Obviously, some areas may lead to a quick death if they are traversed too close to the enemy truck, but at a live Gamescom demo, freedom of movement reigned supreme. The man holding the controller, a rather bored looking German – with a ponytail, no less – led Drake on a slightly different path this time, showing that multiple routes are indeed present."

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REDGUM1171d ago

I only read the opening 2 paragraphs as im driving again but I'm glad to hear its not linear. Really looking forward to this game as i was on the previous three epic adventures.

I/we have faith in naughty dog!!

PSIN4MANT1171d ago ShowReplies(2)
AndrewLB1171d ago

Where's this gamescom video they speak of?

iKnowWhyNo1170d ago

They only showed it behind closed doors, so you had to stand in line to watch them play the demo live in front of you.
It was pretty good. Very action packed.

MasterCornholio1170d ago

Like the Horizon demo it was behind closed doors.

Jayszen1170d ago

"Analysis" - only useful if you show the object of said analysis as well. Otherwise as useful as a page out of a Advanced Mathematics textbook...