A game about a dude and his dragon is my Xbox One must-have


PlatinumGames is on a roll. The Japan-based studio is less than a decade old, but already it's put out a string of critically acclaimed titles such as Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It's built a reputation on fast-paced action and deep, rewarding combat, and now it wants to prove it can deliver a compelling RPG experience too. Scalebound, the studio's Xbox One exclusive, is scheduled for release in 2016 and until recently, we've seen little of the game beyond a short CG teaser. At Gamescom, the studio revealed a glimpse of its gameplay and now, after watching an extended demo, I've decided Scalebound is the Xbox exclusive I'm most excited about.

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TheGreatGamer1259d ago

Good to see Microsoft diversifying their exclusive line-up, can't wait for Scalebound!

Sureshot1259d ago

Really loved the animations of the main protagonist and that dragon was beautiful!cant wait to see more of this game. I really want to see some dragon riding as well :D

4Sh0w1259d ago

Well personally I'm not really high on the character but if I had to measure it then I say if everything else they showed is consistent with the final product then the game as a whole is going to be one helluva game right up there with the best this gen has had so far.

Sureshot1259d ago

Don't get me wrong lol, I hated the main chars personality! I'm speaking strictly about his fighting animations. Really reminded me if DMC reboot. Also he ran like he accidentally sat on a dragon spike :S

HaveSumNuts1259d ago

The combat didn't resemble a Platinum Game in any way. I was expecting fast paced, amazing fluid combo's with over the top action. The demo was so slow paced, animations of the player were stiff (dragons animations were amazing by comparison), combat looked slow and simple. Kinda expected more from Platinum.

christocolus1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )


The main character's design and his use of ear phones makes a lot more sense now. He isn't from that world, somehow he gets transported from our time line to this fantasy world and he somehow gets bonded with Thuban. I also like the fact that you can customize your dragon with some cool looking armor and select different elements i.e ice, fire etc. I think this game will be really good.

poppinslops1258d ago

People who've had hands-on time with the game seem to really like it... apparently there's a bunch of RPG elements we're yet to see (XP, level-ups, loot, customisation, villages, NPCs with side-quests - all that good stuff).

Personally, I'm looking foward to seeing what it's like to ride the dragon... and I really want to see the multiplayer in action.

Also, I had no idea Kamiya directed Resident Evil 2... what a legend!

AngelicIceDiamond1258d ago

I believe they said the combat is slower because 1. its officially an Action RPG and second your controlling a dragon and he plays a huge part in the gameplay itself.

I'm sure the gameplay will tighten up down the line but don't expect it to be anything as fast pace as DMC or Bayonetta.

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captainbigballs1259d ago

This is the same studio that did Revengeance? That's why the mechanics looked somewhat similar lol, there went all the money in my wallet

Erik73571259d ago

I can't wait for How to Train your Scalebound either!

meanthyme1257d ago

Kudos for recycling the same crap again and again and again....

Erik73571257d ago

It's too funny to pass up and I came up with it lol

Professor_K1257d ago

Robot dinos

Indiana jones

enuf said

TheGreatGamer1259d ago

Hurr durr legit trolling there mate. Almost laughed... almost

Aloy-Boyfriend1259d ago

Just making fun of the title.

Wintersun6161259d ago

Ummm no? This looks way much better than Crimson Dragon. Also very much different. Might as well compare this to any other game with dragons, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy.. Makes just as much sense; none.

Godmars2901259d ago

Also not constrained by Kinect.

And still this dragon game is no Panzer Dragoon Saga 2.

Wintersun6161259d ago

From what I've seen this far, Scalebound looks interesting. Xbox is on the right tracks with this one. I hope they keep it up and come up with more interesting new IPs.

Rimeskeem1259d ago

It definitely hit my interest button

Sureshot1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

This game is mashing my interest button lol

1259d ago
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