EA PS3 revenue skyrockets

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, sales of PS3 games accounted for only $13 million of EA's total net revenue. But this time this year? PS3 games account for $139 million in sales. Which is a 969% increase

Overr8ed5605d ago (Edited 5605d ago )

looks like everyone is happy. but if coure one person isnt happy. Gabe McDonalds, if this keeps up then we well most likey see Left 4 dead in Ps3.

sonarus5605d ago

Thumbs up EA on the rockband timed exclusive for the 360

yesah5605d ago

not me, i want to know what bob dole thinks.

Playstation Man5605d ago

Good thing L4D is Box exclusive and RB2 is timed! Smart business!!!! Also, I think this basically confirms Mass Effect trilogy multiplat!

alster235605d ago

could this mean mass effect on ps3?

Critical_Hit5605d ago (Edited 5605d ago )

LOL, so true. Hell did EA even release Rock Band 1 PS3 in Europe yet? If they didn't another two thumbs up considering Rock Band 2 is just over the horizon.

nbsmatambo5605d ago

What the hell? That's unpossible!

969% increase YOY is insane

marinelife95605d ago

The thanks goes to all of you. Because I didn't send a single dime EA's way. Although I will pickup the next Fight Night when it comes out.

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AznSniper5605d ago

That's unpossible. I think Europe has a lot of contribution to this.

cahill5605d ago

so does this tell you anything about Vgchartz numbers?
cuz the only way for EA to make that much money is to sell Sws in europe and in europe ps3 might be outselling x360 by GOD KNOWS HOW much?

EA show some love to PS3 now

streetking935605d ago

@ azn lo you said umpossible its impossible ha ha

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TheHater5605d ago

EA do you see what happen when you release Quality titles on the PS3? You games will sell on the system.

ElementX5605d ago

I'm a 360 fan but I'm not in denial. I know PS3 will do well for Sony and developers. If only i had the cash right now to buy one. :(

Real gamer 4 life5605d ago

i know how you feel dude, i have been there before. Then i got a job and that change everything. I am sure there will be a opportunity for you in the future, to get one.

ElementX5605d ago (Edited 5605d ago )

Excuse me? A job? I'm a Security Officer and a college student. I'll be graduating next year in computer networking and support. I'm making over $14/hr but I have some bills to pay off.

himdeel5605d ago

...you still have a 360. That's still pretty cool! Just takes a bit of time to get the extra money saved up nowadays can be tough.

Think of all the broke people who only have the original Gameboys and still have to play their Sega Mastersystems they got at a garage sales. Now don't you feel better?! :)

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