Do the New FIFA 16 Changes Justify The Annual Purchase?

During this year’s Gamescom, EA has announced multiple new improvements coming to FIFA 16. While these changes do look to improve the FIFA series, are they good enough to warrant the yearly purchase?

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REDGUM1195d ago

No. Well to be fair i haven't played it but is PES, NBL, COD etc. I am not poking holes in tjings but yearly releases rarely change phenomenal amounts.
Thats why i get a bigger buzz (usually) on the uncharted series (for instance) as the years in development shine.

Just an opinion! !

REDGUM1195d ago

I meant same as PES etc.

My mistake! !

SegaGamer1195d ago

No, they should be released every other year in my opinion. They should just keep updating the squads and kit's of teams during the transfer windows.

Pandamobile1194d ago

But how would that increase sales?

pompombrum1194d ago

It used to be worth the annual releases however from around Fifa 12/13 onwards, they haven't added anywhere near enough new stuff to justify the annual release nor the cost. Worse still, so much of the time seems to go on UT while clubs and career players can only look on in envy at the UT fans.

SniperControl1194d ago

It's an absolute joke to see what little effort is being made to improve SP career modes that still have the same bugs that go back to 12 and 13, sick and tired of playing four games in the same week and then no games for the next two weeks or losing my 50 million transfer budget because i altered the wage budget.

vastolorde6661194d ago

Well as a fifa addict...I say a fifa lover...I started noticing this little to no changes annual releases since fifa 13... Fifa 12 was the last solid release with tactical defense,pull and push and precision dribbling, fifa 11 with its personality plus and 10 with the revolutionary 360 dribbling( my best fifa to date)..but from 13 to 15 well to be honest there is no overhaul changes made to the base game..just slider changes....I bought 14 cause it was next Gen but I skipped 15( I've never skipped fifa).. I'll be getting 16 but.I know the changes are not that huge....

iceman061194d ago

This has been my plan for most of the sports games that I play or have played. I used to buy FIFA in the fall, play the demo for PES, then usually end up trading FIFA for PES or having BOTH. Then, as you said, I started taking a year off in between purchases. (though, I must admit that I have committed to PES this year) I used to buy Madden on a yearly basis. I haven't bought one since 2013. I just gave up on football for the time being. Now, if I could only break my yearly 2K habit I'll be all good! LOL (Sports games are a bit easier for me to handle as I work some crazy hours...I just can't put down story games as easy as I can just stopping after a couple of matches.)

Speak_da_Truth1194d ago

No!! all they care about now is FUT. Since fifa 11, The game hasn't change much. In fact they've taken some modes out such as regular h2h.

yezz1187d ago

You're still confusing Fifa 11 with 12.. Fifa 12 completely renovated the defending and after that, there hasn't been too many changes.

Speak_da_Truth1187d ago

Personally, comparing Fifa 10 to Fifa 11 it was a decent leap. I just couldn't go back to Fifa 10.