Is it time to invest in a second Xbox One?

Neil writes "Come Gamescom 2015, the news that Xbox One will soon become a DVR, capable of recording TV shows direct from the planner made me sit up and take notice. It now seems Xbox One is perfect for a place in the bedroom or spare room...any room in fact."

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oKidUKo1194d ago

I'm not sure I'd buy a 2nd one even if I needed the DVR feature. Seems a bit excessive.

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xfiles20991194d ago

No i want it there are games I want to get like Forza 6. But as of right now there is nothing I want to play on it. I bought it cuzz I dont like to have limits in gaming and the sale was to good to pass up

DLConspiracy1194d ago

Maybe you should donate it to a homeless shelter where kids will appreciate it more. Seems like your first comment negates what you said here. I mean if you are using it for a doorstop.

vikingland11194d ago

Oh, thanks for clearing that up.

Chug1194d ago

Why not buy 20 Xbox Ones?

XBLSkull1194d ago

I bought a second after the first year. Running 2 55" TV's side by side and an X1 hooked up to each.

sonarus1193d ago

Well i still dont have an xbox one and so far none of the games on Microsoft lineup are really calling to me that much. But i wouldnt mind getting one for some of the NFL features and the DVR stuff.

nX1193d ago

Buying two Xbox Ones is just as stupid as buying two PS4's, except for some rare cases where it makes sense there's almost no justification for that. I know households where 1 gaming console is enough for 4 to 5 people.

grumpygamr1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

People need to buy 3, cause I heard through a software update it will soon be able to fry eggs and make toast. Also heard rumors of a $150 rake/shovel attachment. Just wait till Xbox One Office 360 attachment, it's a pen and paper you put on top of it. It will also run Windows 10 games at the lowest settings. What greatness awaits.

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ABizzel11194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Complete waste. Why buy a 2nd XBO when you can have buy another console and have access to a new library of games to play that won't ever come to XBO.

I respect other people's buying decisions, but it just doesn't make any sense to me, to have multiples of the same consoles in the house if I don't already have all of them.

A better investment with the money is a gaming PC, so you can stream and share with XBO.

A PS4 for all the exclusives you'll miss.

A Wii U when it has a much needed price drop / NX when it launches.

A $50 stand alone DVR if it's that serious, or a brand new HDTV.

xfiles20991194d ago

@demonddel Florida

@DLConspiracy It is just a joke when Forza 6 comes I will use it plenty. All though I did give my MCC code away.

I agree It is a waste I have High Hopes for the NX I really want that to be a beast for Nintendo.

tinynuggins1194d ago

Because then you would have to buy ps4 controllers and ps plus. I'm picking up a second xbox one the next time they go on sale so we can have one it the other room for campaign coop with my son. I'm fully invested in the ms ecosystem now.

BoriboyShoGUN1194d ago

I've been looking at the Wii U myself if they drop the price. Every gen I've had all the consoles but this time I'm sticking with the PS4. Even if I found a great deal on a Xbox One I just wouldn't have the time to put into it.

Spid3r61194d ago

I do have a friend that has a major problem only because his wife actually is a avid gamer... He can't play with us at all because his wife is playing Dragon Age and the Halo Campaign...He will be buying a second Xbox One. So definitely they are some scenarios where you might need an extra one. So one thing that I tell friends that as cool as having a gamer girlfriend might be..there might be some cons lol

ABizzel11194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Then buy her a PS4. I play with a married couple who both game and the Mrs. games harder....(and better) than the husband. They also have 3 out of 6 kids that game.

Their solution buy each console, and buy 2 of their primary console. Everyone has something to play at all times, and they don't miss a single game they want because of console exclusivity.

Buying the same console 2 - 3 times is just such a complete waste to me when you could have had all 3 platforms, unless you're giving away your old console and upgrading to a newer model.

UnHoly_One1193d ago

I have 2 Xbox ones and a ps4.

Both Xboxes get used daily.

The ps4 hasn't been used in a year.

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RomanPSX1194d ago

I have 2*xbox one and a ps4. Love both consoles, and buy some games for ps4 especially single player games but I get most games on the one, I have mostbof my friends on xbox. I can say that my main console its the xbox, but there is no reason why to hate the other one. I play games not brands.

Professor_K1194d ago

that box looks sick

but nah, i wouldnt buy a second one unless i had to share it with siblings

VforVideogames1194d ago

Yeah buy 20 Xboxes so that way you'll have the power of the clouds at home lol.

REDDURT1194d ago

Im still considering my first one let along a second.

die_fiend1194d ago

As an avid gamer, I'm not sure if it's even time to invest in a first Xbox One

t-hall7851194d ago

I really hate that smart tv comment everybody likes to make. no smart tv can do what the x1 does as seamlessly and as easy as the x1 does it. i have a smart tv but when i wanna browse the internet, i do it from my X1, netflix? X1. my smart tv even has games but guess what? games? X1. Only thing my smart tv can do that my x1 can't is 3d. Samsung 50in led smart is what i have. Please let's all stop using this argument.

Truthandreason1193d ago

>_< I still need to buy my first one!

avengers19781193d ago

If the comments in this thread are all true.... 5 people have a total of 16 XB1s.

Aceman181193d ago

I haven't even invested in my first X1, which I'll do next year spring when Quantum BREAK comes out.

BallsEye1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I got 2 of XO's already. For me and for my wife.

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kaizokuspy1193d ago

@NX your name seems pretty biased going into this article. However there are plenty of reasons to have multiple of the same console. My wife and I both have 360 on separate TVs. We play civ revolution together. We don't like spmitscreen multiplayer. So we play minecraft on both our ps4s. XBL Skull has two xbox ones and two TVs setup probably for similar reasons. My 4 nephews and bro in law all have their own x360s. It's a lot of fun going over there and playing cod with them. Just a full party of my family on our own consoles. Just because you think it's impractical doesn't mean it's not awesome

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shadowT1194d ago

Do not need it at all. DVR features are already integrated in my HDTV.

TheGreatGamer1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I'm buying a second (the forza 6 custom console) but if you want to make use of the DVR feature just buy an external HDD, a second, new console is a bit much unless you want a custom one

HaydenJameSmith1194d ago

I agree and besides reportedly you can't use the internal drive to record TV, you need an external hard drive to use the DVR feature. You can't save your TV Shows and Games on the same external either... still pretty great feature though.

I'm half tempted to trade in my day one console for the 1TB Halo 5 console though. Looks so cool. Controllers look nice too.

TheGreatGamer1194d ago

I've pre-ordered the 2 halo controllers but opted for the forza console

ABizzel11194d ago

Are you selling or giving away you old console?

If so acceptable, if not I shun you if you don't have the other consoles

o_o (shun...shun...shun)

TheGreatGamer1194d ago

I have a ps4 but sold my wii u

ABizzel11194d ago

Okay, you get a pass, but next time maybe not so lucky

o_o (pass....pass.....pass)

Benchm4rk1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )


I haven't got a PS4 yet and i just pre ordered the 1TB Halo console which will be my 2nd XB1. Am i shunned lol. I am mainly getting it cause im a massive Halo fan and need it for my collection and with Halo 5 not being split screen it means my son and i can still play coop at home. I do plan on getting a PS4 and had it not of been for the Halo console i would of got one these holidays.

ABizzel11193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )


Hmmmm......*goes away to discuss with the shun committee*

Upon further investigation of your case, for being the first to bring up this issue to us, and since you plan on getting a PS4 (2016 is probably the best year for it, IMO) then you get a 1-time pass, as well as those who come after you, but ONLY..... for the remainder of 2015.

o_o (1-time....1-time....1-time)

If this offense happens again in 2016, via the release of an XBO slim, and the PS4 or other platform have not yet been purchased.

o_o (shun.....shun....shun)


Aceman181193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I have the PS4 and WiiU right now, but plan on getting X1 next year spring for QB. I really don't need it for dvr as I subscribe to cable and already have a 1tb box, it's strictly for games.

Your posts mad me laugh hard haha

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HaydenJameSmith1194d ago

The Forza console does look very nice too. We're Spoiled for choice tbh. Great time to be an Xbox Gamer or a new customer. Lot of my old friends finally upgrading to Xbox One this holiday now because of Halo 5 and BC.

MCTJim1194d ago

I've got a 3TB external hooked up. I think I will give this a whirl and see how well it records and plays back. As for buying a 2nd xbox one....that is up in the air.

lemoncake1194d ago

One Xbox plus a bunch of htpcs.