World of Warcraft: Legion — Will the ‘kitchen sink’ expansion save Warcraft or kill it?

It could be that this expansion is Blizzard’s way of pandering to its audience, letting them know that the company is listening to what they have to say. That’s potentially a smart move, given the aging game’s steady subscription losses.

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ColManischewitz1194d ago

This *feels* like the final one to me.

Takwin1194d ago

It does feel like they have thrown everything at this possibly plast xpac.

I played WoW as my main and almost only gave for almost 6 years, nearly 6 hours a day with a full time job and a wife (that luckily also played). I had a lot of games to catch up on and now don't see the point to play one game at the expense of 20-30 amazing games over a few years.

Crowserk1194d ago

If you're having fun with 1 game, but own 20-30 other games, who really cares as long as you're enjoying that 1?

People are so hard on themselves lately lol

TheNemesis5011194d ago

they use expanstions to get that player base back up, and nothing else once the player base drops you'll see a new expanstions.

TXIDarkAvenger1194d ago

People will come back just like the last expansion but it will drop again.

Bigusdicus1190d ago

yea but the the start of warlords . they went from 7mill to 10mill and within 3 months of warlords release they lost 3 mill lol. i stopped buying on impulse and will probably never return to that failing game again. people can say it is not failing but really yes it is lol. only people that play it are the diehard sheep fanboys. blizz even admitted that they put the expansion prices up to cover the loss of profits because of the lost subs