DualShockers Gamescom Awards: Scalebound Shines Bright Among a Galaxy of Stars

The business days of Gamescom just ended, closing the three day-long marathon in which media outlets from all over the world scramble to see as many games as possible.

It’s also the time in which the (subjectively) best games of about a million categories get those prized littloe stickers testifying their excellence.

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Sureshot1170d ago

As it should! Scalebound was amazing! Platinum have out dine themselves!

XBLSkull1169d ago

Didn't know what to expect after the E3 trailer, but after seeing the demo I wasn't impressed at all, not going to be buying this game. Looked boring and choppy/clunky to me, looked very stiff. Characters seemed to glide across the land and it just did nothing for me. Glad to see other people think highly of this exclusive though, definitely not my kind of game.

jb2271169d ago

Refreshing to hear a bit of honesty regarding the showing really. It looks like it could be a fun game for sure but there really wasn't much shown that would differentiate it from any other combat focused you said it was a little framy & not insanely compelling at this point. That could absolutely change as the production matures but going solely off of this showing it doesn't necessarily look like Platinum's best work at this point for my tastes. Even though it was a much lighter showing I would've picked Quantum Break over Scalebound for game of the show a dozen times over.

SquidBuck1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

They're making Neir 2 as well! It'll be like the PS4's own Bayonetta. I'm pumped!

StrayaKNT1170d ago

Scalebound deserves the awards. It just looks brilliant and everything we have heard so far about the game makes it one if the biggest 2016 titles so far.

Bigpappy1170d ago

The game looks nice, but the gameplay looks to simplistic at the moment. Need to see the dragon be more devastating and be used more sparingly when you are on foot. The dragon needs to be a star, but so does the protagonist.

Abriael1169d ago

You really gotta see it played to understand its potential. The trailer did not truly express it. I went into the gameplay presentation with high expectations already, and the game blew them away. The dragon is definitely devastating by the way.

Bigpappy1169d ago

That sounds encouraging. I didn't know it was an RPG until after I wrote what I said above. Now that I know that, what I saw in the demo means little to me. I am getting more interested when I read about the progression and strong RPG elements. A long way to go in development, so I am very optimistic now.

Spectre_StatusN71170d ago ShowReplies(2)
wonderfulmonkeyman1170d ago

Bay 2, TW101, Scale Bound, Mad World, Platinum knows their craft well.
Probably one of the few third party devs that I still hold high faith in.

Concertoine1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Even though their games don't sell the best, they clearly don't have trouble getting business!

Transformers, Star Fox, Nier 2 and Scalebound are all in the pipeline at once. Platinum is honestly one of the biggest success stories in gaming.

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