Star Citizen Social Module ‘v.0′ Looking Great, Releasing Sometime This Month

Star Citizen showed off it's social module at their Gamescom 2015 conference, giving a glimpse into the overall outside world beyond your hanger. Plenty of shops and other great social things were highlighted by Chris Roberts and crew.

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PC_601220d ago

Looks amazing, cannot wait!

AndrewLB1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

You think that looks good? Check out what they showed at Gamescom today. They have 10 people playing the demo live for the audience. It's absolutely incredible. Just look at how massive that space station is!

\awaits the usual suspects claiming that the money has been blown on coke and hookers and the game will never happen.


If you skip forward to 2:34:00 you'll see all 10 of them load into three separate ships and you'll notice how Chris Roberts is dead set intent on showing a fully functional physics system allowing for Zero-G space flight while at the same time inside the ship is it's own local physics environment where players walking around are not thrown around the ship when it maneuvers. And the thing is, those players can interact with turret guns which would transition them to the physics environment that the ship and pilot are in.

A certain loud-mouth named Derek Smart (see: Dumb) made a MASSIVE ordeal last month slandering the game developers with all sorts of claims of fraud and demanded a refund. His main point was the multiple physics environments with seamless interaction between them was IMPOSSIBLE.

well... it seems like the impossible is being shown in this video.

joab7771220d ago

I don't think the problem is coke and hookers, though it would be fine...less waste than most big corps lol! The problem is that it's their dream project, being handed $60 mil to make the best game they possibly can...with no one staring over their shoulder.

It's that it's very difficult to say, "alright...its perfect. We are done and ready to launch." Because they will always want to keep adding to it, refining it etc. It is a double edged sword b/c this is also what is going to make this game epic.

The next stretch goal should be dlc. Wrap it up, release it, and we will crave more.

_-EDMIX-_1220d ago

Thanks for the link, long video too. Game is shaping up nicely.

The concept is just unreal!

DeusEx-Machina1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Was in the audience at the live presentation.

I was indeed a bit skeptical in the last few months about the their progress, but what I saw in this demo blew my mind.

Sincerely impressed with what they've managed to accomplish.

Looking forward to see what comes next.

ninjahunter1220d ago

Wow, thats nothing short of stunning.